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7 Things You Could Be Doing Instead of "Just" Working


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Don't we all have a love-hate relationship with our work? We hate it with a passion when we're stuck in the office at 9 in the evening, and we love it so much that we actually take home some of our work or even worse, you think of work during a vacation.

Now, take your mind off work and check out 7 things you could be doing instead of “just" working:

Seriously people, don't you think America lacks sleep! We wake up early in the morning, get home late that almost all we do is work! The lack of creativity these days is attributed to lack of sleep. So if you want to be incubating that next million dollar idea in your head, you better be a-sleeping.

Making Costumes for Halloween
I can smell that pumpkin soup my grandma is cooking. And I actually feel like a kid again with all the Halloween décor I can see in the neighborhood. Halloween is my favorite holiday next to thanksgiving. Besides, it's only Halloween when girls are allowed to dress like sluts and get away with it!

Forex Trading
Ever wanted to earn extra income? Foreign exchange trading is trading on the largest financial market on the world. This market is so big, about 3 to 4 trillion dollar are traded everyday (The NYSE has a $25 billion a day volume). In Forex, you pit two currencies against each other basically on the merits of their economies. With the help of the internet, forex trading is now available to anyone, anywhere. It could also give you some great insight regarding the financial state of our country today.

Playing World of Warcraft
My boyfriend just downloaded the recent patch of wow (1gig!) and he didn't sleep that night because he was too darn excited to check out the new updates of the game. I totally understand his addiction to wow, just as much as he understands my relationship with my shoes. All is fair in love and warcraft. Question is, will I be seeing him when WOTLK comes out?

Campaigning for your Favorite Candidate
Take an active part in your community. Say what you have to say - stand up for something. Assert your right to be heard. Vote this Nov 4. If you're not going to vote, then you have no right to complain about the country.

Working your Garden
If you have the time (and the area) to work your garden, please do so. This labor of love not only helps Mother Nature, it gives you an opportunity to flex those muscles. Plus not your mind benefits too. Take away those numbers from your head - and harmonize with nature. The color green also soothes your mind, and alleviates any suffering you may feel for the moment.

Men, listen up. Women find men who can cook IRRESISTIBLE. I repeat, irresistible. So get that apron of yours and start cooking us some good food. Who knows, you just might get a little something something tonight!

Whoops. I'm starting to miss work again. This self-imposed exile is getting into me. How about you? If you're not working, what would you be doing?

Note: To all working folks, I do not mean any harm. I think you are all great in what you are doing, and must continue to do so or else our economy will crash (and with the credit crunch, I think everyone's lucky to have a job these days. )

Sarah Trull writes about anything & everything - travel, politics , work - you name it, she can write it. Visit her blog today!


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