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Are You Left Handed?


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By being left handed, you have automatic membership into a special group of people. That group is only 7 to 10% of the population, and yet we are not a silent group, as many famous people in our history, past and present, are left handed.

It is said that we “think differently" that we “look at things in a different way", which obviously helped many left handed people to succeed in a right handed world.

Here is just a tiny list of some left handed people, that you should recognize:

Bill Gates
Ringo Star
Jimi Hendrix
Henry Ford
Paul McCartney
Leonardo da Vinci
Albert Einstein

Just to name a few. . All very creative and successful. It has been said that as a left handed person, we are “right brained", which would support the fact that we think a little differently than right handed people. There are businesses out there that like to have a point of view from both right and left handed employees for a “different approach" to a problem.

But, because we are a minority, we have to be able to live life in a right handed world, which means we have to get creative with scissors, pens, knives, tools. . and even can openers can be a pain. If you are an older leftie, than you know how hard it was in school. I had a teacher that tried to change me, and I ended up stuttering, as this was not natural. But since then I have found my love in art, painting, drawing and more as a true left hander.

I have found many great left handed products and tools out there now, that make my life easier so that I can get on with what I do best. . arts and crafts. click here for some great left handed tools, scissors, craft tools, can openers, watches, garden tools and much more. Even things you have just resigned to using right handed. . . take a look, this is a great site. Article and website by Diane Palmer


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