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You Must Change Your Mind To Make Money Online and This Will Change Your Life

Gregory L Burrus

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In order to change your mind and then really change your life profitable and successful you do not want the short term solution that falls short. You do not want someone to say give me your money and I guarantee you will make a change. That usually leads to disaster because when you need them the most, you will go looking and find out they are gone with the wind. Don't leave a change of mind that should lead to a change of life up to someone else to implement.

To make radical but profitable changes in life and business happen the following four areas need to be addressed.

1. Motivation - Figuring out what will help you change your mind,

2. Consistency - Deciding that when you change your life, you can sustain it.

3. Focus - Understanding what it means to make money online means focus on family

4. Ownership - Owning, and managing a home based business.

Figuring out what will help you change your mind comes from knowing your past and being intimate and real with who and what you are. What is your decision making process in the past? What have you done that you can point back and say oh yeah I have made a major change before and it can be done again.

Deciding that when you change your life, you will actually be comfortable and can sustain this new life model really means continuous motivation when times get tough. You have been brought up in the corporate world; you have been working based off a clear set of guidelines and instructions. Everybody has role that is well defined in corporate America. Sales, subordinates, management, all know their roles before they start. The examination here is to understand how you sustain your self when things get tough.

Understanding what it means to making money online means the rules have changed and in some cases there are no rules. Making money online means you have to start taking advantage of the fact that there are a million ways to make money and yu are making money because of the family. We use the word family to signify the importance you must attach to your business. Because there are so many choices you have to make a decision and stay with the decision. You have to learn how to structure win-win situations.

Freedom will come from a home based business. However now you have to find a way to avoid distractions. At home you will try and do everything you have ever wanted to do. But working your self back to corporate level income requires intense focus and decision making. Can you do it?

When working from home and your success becomes mandatory to you , then making money online in a home based business really becomes following a process just like your corporate world. The three recommended steps are:

1. History - Identify and validate a proven process

2. Experience - Make certain the process is repeatable and doable with your skill set.

3. Support- Ensure the support team, sales person or coach is with you for the long haul.

History, experience and support will go along way towards ensuring that a change in mind translates into a change in life that is sustainable and enables you to make money online.

Greg Burrus, Telecommunications Service Delivery Business Systems Analyst, providing free business building resources at and is Helping Small Business Owners Succeed through the Use of IOVC Technology. Get a free business building guide and gain the benefits of using internet, office, voice and client attraction strategy and technology at


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Manifesting Money - 3 Secrets That Will Change Your Mind
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