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Adolescence and the End of the World

Christina Sponias

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The new generation has to face too many problems and has to make too many changes in our world.

We live in a crazy world where justice is only a poem and nobody cares for poems, apart from a few souls that don't count because they are not important. In our world you are only important if you have money. Your education doesn't count, your background doesn't matter. You only have to have money in order to be respected.

On the other hand, if you have knowledge, culture, studies, experiences, thoughts, philosophies and artistic talent in your repertoire, you are not suited for anything in today's world. We live in a hurry, eating fast food and consulting our watches. If your knowledge is too deep, it cannot be understood and used.

The new generation has to end this crazy pattern and liberate humanity. This is an arduous mission. . .

Our civilization is dying; however, nobody really cares because they are not going to be here tomorrow. Only the younger generation will see these consequences. You are going to be here, if you are a teen, while the perpetrators will be dead when they have managed to completely destroy our planet. As you can see, craziness governs our world and our mental health is poor.

Futility, irresponsibility and greed have brought you a sick world. You have to live in it and yet, correct all the mistakes of the previous generations.

Don't blame them however, because human nature has always been absurd - there is an absurd primitive conscience in the brain, which didn't evolve as well as our human conscience and constantly tries to destroy our human side. This means that the human being is, in fact, still too primitive, since he has this conscience and only a very small part of his brain belongs to the known conscious part. The wild anti-conscience is ignored by the human conscience, but it does exist and it is a very violent animal.

This absurd animal causes craziness in the human conscience in order to completely destroy it and control the person's behavior. It usually manages to destroy a big part of the human conscience. Therefore, don't expect goodness, sensibility and sensitivity from the human being. He is basically an animal: a wild monkey that can think like a robot, but has no feelings.

The tiny human part of the conscience that is sensitive is so small compared with its huge primitive part that, besides being too cruel, the human being is an idiot. This is why he is self-destructive and he is destroying our planet.

We are proud of our progress in technology, and in several other fields, while the world in which we live is a hell governed by terrorism, immorality and violence.

However, everything is camouflaged by hypocrisy and nobody cares.

This is a tragic reality!

If you belong to the new generation, you have to start preventing the crazy content of the primitive side of your conscience. It will destroy, with hatred and violence, the human side of your conscience, where comprehension, sensibility and compassion exist.

After preventing craziness and with it, forever preventing all suicidal tendencies, you have to be a very big hero and save humanity from despair. This is your mission, since you were born a few years ago. Unfortunately, you have no choice.

If you have the same behavior as your ancestors, you won't have time to understand what life means, because our planet will be destroyed by human mistakes and negligence, not to mention wars, crimes and other horrors. This is really the end of the world. . .

Don't lose your courage when you see how much you have to do, though, because you can have guidance from the wise unconscious mind that produces the dreams you see when you sleep. This is a magical solution in a time when only a miracle could solve all our human problems! This is why only now we discovered how precious this natural gift is: we need it more than ever.

The scientific method of dream interpretation will teach you how to translate dream messages so that you can prevent craziness, develop your intelligence, and save humanity from eternal suffering.

Fortunately you have this support and, instead of following the path of all the previous generations, you can acquire health, balance and wisdom while you are still young, and with your knowledge and sensitivity, correct all the mistakes that have been repeated for centuries.

Prevent Depression and Craziness through the scientific method of Dream Interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by Christina Sponias, a writer who continued Jung's research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere.

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