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Gut Feeling And Common Sense

Linda Moon

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Would you believe that your “gut" knows more than you do. Well, this is often, if not always, the case.

If something tells you not to do something, it doesn't have to explain itself. I have heard a person say “I knew I should not have done it". How did they know? Their gut feeling.

If you think that this is a far fetched idea, just think back a bit to the last time something didn't work out for you. Perhaps you bought a pair of shoes that were not quite right. Did you say to yourself “I wish they had my proper size, but, maybe these will do". Deep down you knew they weren't right, but you went right ahead. You went home and wore them only to discover that you had wasted your efforts. A little voice tells you once again “I shouldn't have bought these shoes".

This is your gut feeling talking to you. You might have another name for “her" but she is there all the same.

These can be small, everyday commonplace occurrences or things as huge as choosing the wrong marriage partner. Whatever the circumstance, be sure to take a lot of care when the little voice pops up with “her" warning.

Tip of the Day: Be cheerful; its contagious and you will be helping others.

Comedy Corner: Do you think that Jackie Gleason realized that someday people actually would go to the moon when he said to Alice “one of these days Alice, boom, right to the moon?"

Linda is a retired piano teacher in Toronto married to the retired Chief Works Supervisor of the Water Supply for Toronto. She is interested in all environmental issues, budgeting, homemaking, frugal living and shopping, recycling, reducing, reusing and all things green. Currently she is working on a project with her friend/partner on how to make your life more simple.

Linda has a golden retriever dog named Rusty and a cat named Dusty. She is also involved in The Therapeutic Paws of Canada and her Rusty will be a regular visitor at a nearby nursing home. When she has spare time, she likes to play the piano with her duet partner and also her husband.

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