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If You Don't Focus On These Areas, You Will Never Be Happy Or Fulfilled In Life

Tony Chomba Mwangi Njanja

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When we analyze this life, we realize that there are only a few things in life that truly matter. There are only six areas in life where we can focus on and expect to have happy and fulfilling lives. Unfortunately though, the most important things are usually the most neglected; drowned out in a sea of a lot of meaningless things. Consider this a timely reminder to kick the noise out of your life and focus on that which is truly meaningful.

The Areas that Truly Matter

In this life, six areas come up time and time again as areas which have the highest impact on the quality of life:

1) Health and taking care of your temple: you body

2) Emotional health: How healthy is your emotional life? Do your emotions work in your favor or against it?

3) Relationships: How do you relate to your spouse? Your family and friends? How about people you don't know. Do you have mutually nurturing relationships with all people? Are you a leech?

4) Purpose in life: Do you have a reason to get up in the morning? Is there some destination higher than the day to day details and minutia? Are you moving towards it or away from it?

5) Your spirit: What is your bond to the deepest part of yourself? How do you understand the spirit and the soul? Do you feel connected to your Creator? Is your spirit a blessing or a curse upon this Earth?

6) Environmental Impact: Are you leaving this world better than you found it or leaving a debt for future generations? Are you steward of nature or a destroyer of lands?

Time Audit

I challenge you, this week to perform a time audit. Get an exercise book, and everyday record how you spent your day on an hour by hour basis. At the end of the week, look at that list and ask yourself just two questions:

Did I focus and act in the areas that will truly improve my life and that of everything and everyone around me?

Was my action and thought in a positive direction or a negative direction?

I can assure you that should you have some unhappiness in your life, it is because you are either not focusing on one of the above areas, or you are acting in a negative manner in one of those areas. Don't expect life to magically get fixed. If you want the highest quality of life possible, you have to dedicate yourself hour after hour, day after day to doing that which matters and drowning out everything else that ultimately won't make that much of a difference.

My name is Tony Chomba Mwangi Njanja, and I am an African immigrant who has lived in Australia for six years. You can read my story for free by clicking here
My website, the Displaced African, is dedicated to the happiness and peace of mind of African immigrants. You can learn more about maximizing the immigrant experience on the site.
In addition to that, the site also has current commentary on the important issues of the day, such as with the article, the Empty Symbol that is Barrack Obama.


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