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What Shapes Our Destiny?


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Everyone in life has experiences; some joyful some painful. These very experiences lay a foundation stone for our destiny. What are some of the experiences of pain and pleasure that have shaped our life? For example, whether we link pain or pleasure to drugs, will certainly affect our destiny. For a doctor, the decision to pursue a medical career so many years ago was motivated by a belief that becoming a doctor would make him feel good! Every doctor links massive pleasure to helping people, stopping pain, healing illness and saving lives. Often the pride of being respected members of the society and financial stability are additional perks! Also musicians dedicate themselves to their art as music is one of the few things that can give them same level of pleasures. Top management professionals of top organizations link pleasure to making powerful decisions that hold a huge potential to build something unique and to contribute to people's lives in a lasting way.

Contrary to this, there are many world famous celebrities who got associated with drugs to quickly fix pain or escape from pain into temporary pleasure which resulted in their downfalls. They had to pay a very heavy price for not directing their minds and emotions in right way. So what can be learned from these two contrasting examples? If we associate massive pain to any behavior or emotional pattern, we will avoid indulging into it at all costs. Where as if we start associating pleasure with any activity which can be dangerous to us in the long run, we will still indulge in it, without taking into consideration that it will be detrimental for our future. We can use this one basic understanding to harness the force of pain and pleasure to change virtually any aspect of our lives.

One of the things that makes human beings so special is their ability to adapt, to transform, to manipulate objects or ideas to produce something more pleasing or useful. Only human beings can change their association resulting what gives them pain or pleasure. Our behaviors, both conscious and unconscious is due to pain and pleasure from so many sources. We may not know precisely when programming and conditioning occurred. All of these contribute to who we are today. Thus what we link pain and pleasure to will shape our destiny.

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