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How to Manage and Conquer Stress, Depression and Anxiety More Effectively


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Snake oils and magic bullets are offered to depression sufferers by the dozen, offering plenty of hope but very little in conquering and managing stress, depression and anxiety effectively by delivering a definitive and lasting cure. When it comes to successfully managing depression, stress and anxiety I'm always in a state of alert regarding the latest (so-called) cures. I want to be aware of any new breakthroughs that happen and I also want to be equally aware of new solutions that simply offer false hope.

A solid fact to realize about foods: In modern society, we are very lucky there is an abundance of fresh food and it's easily and cheaply available. But what about our ancestors or forefathers? Go back to the years before now and you'll see that life for majority of them was very hard and food wasn't anywhere near as plentiful as it is today. So did they all suffer from stress, depression and anxiety? Of course not!

Eating a very healthy diet will not in the least cure stress depression and anxiety and eating a poor diet won't cause them either. This is because the main cause of these problems lies totally beyond the foods that you eat and it should be made quite clear that managing stress, depression and anxiety successfully means addressing and treating the root cause. What is the root cause of your depression, stress and anxiety. . .

This is the reason why all of the snake oils and magic bullet solutions simply don't work. They address every other thing than the root cause and apart from giving you a brief lift and lighter wallet, they will only provide temporary and illusory comfort. Is that what you want?

The three main foods you are continually advised to avoid are saturated fat, refined sugar and salt. And for your weight and your physical well-being, restricting your intake of these foods will provide a huge boost

But, let's ask a question: Does everybody who eats a poor calorie diet with high levels of
fat, sugar and salt gets depression, stress or anxiety? The answer is a clear and absolute NO! And also, does it mean that everyone who eats a good diet with high levels of fresh fruit and vegetables lean meat, fish and chicken never enter into these illnesses? Of course NO! is the answer. . .

Surely if healthy eating is a major factor in effectively managing and conquering stress, then anybody who eats a healthy diet would never experience stress, depression or anxiety. But it is very obvious that such people are not exempted from these problems.

When it comes to over weight, over-eating will have a huge impact on the physical well-being. But can the foods you eat - the quality of your diet - be a factor in successfully managing stress, depression and anxiety?

In short, No! The foods you eat and the fluids you drink CANNOT cause you to become stressed, anxious or depressed and they certainly cannot cure any of them.

See you soon.

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How To Conquer The Depression Devil
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