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How to Give Compliments That Cause People to Bond With You


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Everyone likes compliments, it doesn't matter who you are. We all enjoy it when someone notices us and makes a positive statement to us, or another, about what they saw about us. We all like to be noticed for our good qualities, no matter what they might be. When we compliment someone we are expressing admiration, affection, and or respect, perhaps all three for something about that person.

This being the case it should make logical sense that if you want to cause someone to even begin to bond with you, giving them a compliment is about the best place to start. First and foremost, when we compliment someone we are sending them a message about them, something positive we see in them. Positive observations by others lift us up and this can have a bonding effect.

You know how good it makes you feel when someone compliments you. You will have experienced the sensation of pleasure that you get from a compliment at one time or other in your life. But all too often people fail to recognize how good one might feel from our compliment to them, even in the knowledge of how good compliments make us feel.

Compliments can affect everyone involved, including yourself, in a positive way. For example, we all have things going on in our lives that make things look not as bright as we might like. A compliment from another person could help you put things into a more realistic picture, depending on the coincidence of the compliment. Now, turn that scenario around If your compliment helps a person to see things more realistically you have just started creating a bond. You will have helped them see that good things still exist, even if things look bleak to them right now.

Complimenting another person almost always generates nice responses from those we are complimenting. Those nice responses often help open the door to further conversation with that person, which allows you to get to know that person more. In other words, complimenting helps you begin to develop bonds with others.

Complimentary responses will be bonding in nature, nearly every time. You will hear it, see it, and feel it in those responses you receive from those you are complimenting. Most of us demonstrate a positive response when we are complimented. It's in most of our natures to reciprocate kindness with kindness. And compliments, because they are an expression of kindness, can be very bonding.

How do you respond when someone compliments you? Or how about when, for example, you're having a bad day and someone compliments you? In both examples, most of us would respond in a positive way because of how good that person made us feel. Those positive feelings you experienced are the very ones others will experience when you compliment them. Moreover, because of that feeling bonds do begin to develop, even slightly, with the one complimenting us.

Compliments draw people toward you. Compliments are like magnets of attraction, especially when said at the right time. Compliments are positive connections with another person. When you compliment someone you are saying, “I like you. "

Giving compliments brings you out of yourself, if they are genuine compliments, because it requires you to be observant of those around you. Additionally, when you are observant of those around you it becomes much easier to make compliments about them. And the more often you are able to make those compliments the more opportunities you have of creating a bond, with everyone around you. Make a compliment to someone today!

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Dealing With People Give Respect
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