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Glow With Confidence - How You Can Have Body Image Confidence Starting From Today


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Hey why are you hiding in the corner of the room, in the shadows? There's a party going on all around you, what's stopping you from joining in the fun? Oh? You feel. . . unworthy? Why? You don't think you can glow with confidence like “the rest of them" in the room? What's so special about them? They're just minding their own business, laughing away, drink in hand, chatting to their mates. You say that they have something you don't? What's that? A hot body?

Ah, so it's all to do with body image confidence. So you think that sitting in the shadows is going to make it any better for you to be seen? Don't you want to be seen? You dream to be seen? You don't have to dream. I can give you some help with confidence right now if you want.

See, my sister, she had the same problem. She'd always call herself fat and ugly when really, she wasn't half bad. That's good mind you, it's weird for a brother to call his sister hot. I actually had this really long lecture with her until about 1:15 am on her 16th birthday last Sunday on the 20th. You know what I told her grow her confidence? Do this for me for one second.

Grab a pen and paper. Write A=1, B=2, C=3. . . Z=26. What do you think is the most important for body image confidence?

Try H O T B O D Y=88%. Pretty high up there. . .

how about M O N E Y=72%. Yeah. . . pretty high up there as well.

Bet you can't think of what is the 100% most important thing to help you glow with confidence.

Try A T T I T U D E=???% Go on, I can wait here for you to add up the numbers. Coincidence? I think not.

Haha, you should've seen that smile that just stretched across your face. Guess what you just displayed your first glow of radiant confidence. See, that wasn't so hard was it? It all starts with a smile. When you smile, you let go of your inhibitions. You let the emotions penetrate your mind. There is a release of happy chemicals called endorphins in your brain that make you feel better. Guess what? You look better too.

See the truth is, you have absolutely everything there you need to grow your confidence. A confident persona is only a smile a way but to really glow with confidence and make people feel the warmth you exude, you have to do it in the long term.

Realize that you are lucky to have all that you've got. Some people are blind, deaf or lame. They can't change that. It's all in your head. Growing your confidence starts with your attitude, the way you see yourself, your perception of who you are and your positive attributes. Some people would kill to have what you do.

What are you waiting for, girlfriend? Grow your confidence today!

Oh and by the way, for those of you who still rate H O T B O D Y up there, let me give you a little boost of something that will skyrocket your body image confidence by at least 100%, guaranteed! This resource that's created by a personal trainer is especially useful if you want to look hot at the beach before summer or if you need to fit into that dress before that big event.


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Improve Self Confidence - 10 Powerful Confidence Boosters
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