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Confronting Our Fears

Gwen Thibeaux

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What does fear say to you? Regardless of who you are or what you have achieved in your life, you have no doubt been confronted by fear in some capacity. Many of us don't pay attention to how fear is impacting our life, and we have grown to accept the fear talk as the norm. We believe what fear tells us, and we don't take actions to change the fear talk. In order to overcome fear, we must confront our fears. We confront our fears by discovering what fear sounds like. When we become aware of fear's voice, we are armed with information necessary to change our situation or circumstances.

Are you aware of fear's inner voice? Fear's inner voice is the negative self talk you feed yourself. Fear's inner voice keeps you in a place where you are not growing. It keeps you in your comfort zone, crippling you with limiting beliefs. Fear is irrelevant to the level of success we desire to achieve. We make fear relevant only when we allow fear to operate fully in our life.

Identify the voice of fear. Write down what you consistently hear fear say to you. When you take the time to identify fear's inner voice, you are able to better recognize what fear looks and sounds like when it shows up. When you are able to identify fear's voice, you need to take immediate actions to prevent fear from taking root in your consciousness.

How do you feel when you listen to your fear statements? Think about how you feel after you listen and believe fear's inner voice. I'm certain you don't get silly goose bumps or get that Aha! feeling. Of course not! Do you feel deflated and defeated? Do you feel hopeless? Be sure to record your thoughts in your workbook. Knowing now what fear does to our emotions, it stands to reason how impactful fear is on our dreams and the rest of our life. We have to stop listening to those fear statements.

Fear also makes us feel uncomfortable. When we start to shift or change our limiting beliefs and begin pursuing a higher level in our life, discomfort and inconvenience are partners to fear. If fear can convince us that it is better to remain comfortable than to embrace the discomfort of stretching outside our comfort zone, we stop moving. It is much easier to be comfortable. But when we feel a little discomfort, it is because we are traveling in uncharted territory, roads that we have not seen before. It is natural that we would feel a little uneasy or uncertain. But it certainly shouldn't stop us from moving forward anyway. As we discover and learn more on our journey, the discomfort we felt initially starts to dissipate. We then discover that the fear we had embraced is insignificant.

Stop accepting how fear makes you feel and believe. Fear's role is to take us off course, to take our focus off our dreams and goals. Fear drains us and leaves us feeling that our current life is as good as it gets. Your life is what you make of it. If you do not like where your life is, if you are tired of not achieving your greatness, you have to make a decision to move forward regardless of the things fear presents to you. It is okay to feel the fear, but you must do what you desire despite the fear.

(c) 2008 Gwen Thibeaux - All rights reserved.

Gwen Thibeaux is a motivational teacher, speaker, author and entrepreneur. Gwen is also an internet radio show host, Divine Talk Radio Show on , and founder of Speakers Network. For more information on the author, visit


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