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Psychology of Lying 3 Bizarre Reasons Why People Lie

Michael Lee

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In order for an individual to detect that a person is telling a lie, the person needs to understand the psychology of lying to know the reason behind the act.

In fact, having knowledge on the psychology of lying can help you become more observant to the different signs of lying, as well as the mentality that comes with it. This is useful in order to avoid being put in a sense of doubt or under emotional stress when you are confronted with it.


One of the reasons why a person tells a lie is because of the fear of possible consequences involved when telling the truth.

This psychology of lying is quite prevalent in younger generations when they are hiding something sensitive from their friends and family members - opting to tell a lie rather than being punished for telling the truth.

It is a sign of escape of possible punishment that comes with the act of telling the truth.


Improving their own image in the eyes of their friends and families is one of the reasons why people tell a lie. In order to uplift their social on par with others, a person would often create stories, usually on the spot, to make sure that the other party is kicked out of the limelight.

This psychology of lying is just a temporary rise on the social ladder, and will often be replaced with embarrassment when the truth comes out.

Harming Others

Another purpose is to attack other people, indirectly, by telling a lie about them. In fact, this is often seen felt by prominent individuals in the society.

In order to lower the status or career of this individual, a person will often create a lie that will put others into a state of doubt regarding their own beliefs and truths.

To summarize, people may lie due to the fear of the consequences when they tell the truth, to boost their self-image inappropriately, or to deliberately harm others. Using the psychology of lying, you'll be able to handle circumstances when people are not telling the truth.

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