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Balanced Life 7 Crucial Questions to Determine If Your Life is in Balance

Marlene Shiple, Ph.D.

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Questions 1:
Are you overworked? Would you know if you were? Or is this one of those self-answering questions: If you have to ask the question - if you don't automatically know the answer - you probably are!

Putting your life into good balance requires you to have relatively-equal portions of your time, energy, thought and action dedicated to multi-faceted endeavors; for example,

  • personal pursuits
  • relationship pursuits - one-on-one, family, friends
  • professional pursuits
  • A balanced life includes physical endeavors, emotional experiences, mental growth, and spiritual experiences. Enjoying a balanced life would stimulate you to have not only the motivation to stick to a task through completion, but also the habit to do things that are fun and give you pleasure.

    If your life is a combination of these aspects, you have achieved significant balance already. Such balance allows you time for work AND time for recreation. Such a blend is enlivening!

    Question 2:
    If you do not have such balance in your life, do you you find yourself stressed, tired, forgetful and burdened? This is a natural outcome of too much time and energy focused on work.

    Question 3 & 4:
    Do you share the belief held by many that everyone is overworked these days . . . and that such is to be expected? When you look at your friends, do they seem to be working even more hours than you are? This can create a perspective that is skewed away from a balanced perspective.

    Question 5 & 6:
    Do you frequently have the feeling that you run out of energy at the end of the day and have missed out on having something for yourself? Are you flat-out exhausted?

    Question 7:
    Do you not have time for entertainment, hobbies, reading and other activities? Does it seem as though you just never seem to get this to occur?

    If you answered, “Yes" to a majority of these questions, you are sorely in need of a recharge. The one sure way to recharge is to put your life into balance . . . and enjoy the benefits that naturally come your way!

    I invite you to use these ideas over and over to increase the quality of health - and the quantity of energy - that are yours to enjoy each day.

    And I encourage you to learn more about how to rebalance your life by visiting our blog at or Click Here Sign up for our list and you will be informed right away about new information that can benefit you! And, when you do, as a special bonus, you will receive our Special FREE Report, “5 Tips for Successful LifeChange!"

    Presented by Dr. Marlene Shiple, the Life Coach Pro, & the Life Coach Network.


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