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Why Do We Lie? And Why Do We Want to Know the Truth?

Vicka Tanski

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It's accepted to think that it's very important to always tell the truth in life in general and specifically in relationships.

But let's see why truth is so important to people. . .

They simply don't understand what the real reason for lying is.

We seem to think that our partners lie to us, because:

They don't love us,
They don't care about us,
They want to hurt us,
We are not important to them,
They betray us. . .

But this is even not close to what's really going on.

Actually we are lying not to hurt somebody else, but to protect ourselves. We are lying because of our weaknesses.

Sometimes if we tell the truth, people don't accept it. They criticize us, and express anger towards us. And if it's a similar attitude to our own, it becomes a difficult experience.

It's hard to hear that we are not good enough if we really think that we. When we feel whole and complete inside, it doesn't matter what people say about us and how they treat us.

Everyone of us is looking for freedom of being.
We want to feel comfortable with ourselves and with what we do.

But there are some problems with this- we don't feel the legitimization to do it. We don't feel comfortable with ourselves, and we don't believe we really deserve to do what we want.

We learned this from our childhood from our parents and from society. They don't encourage individuals. They want everyone to stay “low" in order to control them.

So when someone judges or criticizes us or our deeds, we prefer to hide the truth in order not to hear that “we are not ok". We prefer to lie to prevent the situation, where we have to protect our right to want, our right to do and our right to be.

And why are we in need of KNOWING the TRUTH?

Why is it so important to us?

Because we believe that anything our partners do, can affect and influence us. And actually the love, happiness and abundance are always available inside without any connection to anything and to anyone.

Our “center" is weak; we define ourselves according to another people. We give them a power to decide for us if we are going to be happy or upset. We give them a the power to make us suffer.

Aren't you sick of it yet?

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Vicka Tanski


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