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Why Is Personal Development Important?


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In order to find the answer to the question; why is personal development important, you must first find out what it means to you. Personal development is a way of life; you can't know everything so if you embark on learning new things to broaden your horizons then this is personal development.

The best way in my opinion, to develop you, would be to learn the laws of success and prosperity. I am usually in heavy debate about the educational system and how it fits into to society. It creates people who believe that the only way to make it in life would be to follow a path that was predetermined by those who were or never will be truly wealthy in life.

Let's take a closer look at this. We go to school and we're told that we have to learn in order to get a good 9-5 job. We then go to work and realize that all of our time is spent between working, sleeping and coping with the stress of never feeling successful. My friends if this is the way the scholars have determined success to be then we have all failed at life.

How can we go to work and get paid while the government makes more money out of our income than we do, I find this simply comical and this is what we're forced to accept.

Do you think you need to ask; why is personal development important, because clearly we need to develop a new way of thinking. We don't need to become more educated to have a fulfilling life.

I know by saying that I may stir up some trouble but I don't care because it true. The most successful people who have ever lived and have achieved success higher than Mount Everest were not educated, most of which were high school drop outs.

I'm not bashing education but I'm bashing the educational system. I'm surely not saying that you should not get educated but I'm saying that the educational system doesn't hold the secret to success but you can become a successful tax payer. The more you earn for the time spent working the more taxes you must pay the government.

You need to develop the success traits of the wealthy and 99% of them will tell you it has to do with developing the power from within you and not cramming more words into your brain from text books.

If you learn how to control this power then you will surely find a way to be truly successful. Now sit down and ask yourself the question; why is personal development important to you?

Do you think you have an answer now? Do you think that you need to find ways to build multiple income streams to reach financial freedom; I'll tell you a secret, if you want to become really successful find ways to give true value to others. Find a way to help people enrich their lives and you will reach financial freedom at an astonishing rate.

Want to know how true this is? Look around you right now. Look at all the marvelous inventions around you today like the television, radio, light bulb, computer, cellular phones and I can go on forever.

These things ad value to your lives and if you get in touch with your inner genius through personal development, then you will realize how you to can add value to other peoples lives too.

I hope you can now answer the question; why is personal development important. Realize that if you don't seriously embark on developing yourself then you will be hindered by the way society have developed a strategy to keep you under it clutches as an employee and not an employer of success.

Meditate on what I've just said. The persons who may own the businesses for which you work are employers of success strategies. They're successful because they have embarked on learning the laws of success and millionaire mindset.

You are the employee of this success because their businesses run on autopilot through your efforts not theirs. While you're making your way to work they're making their way to the gym. Are you getting the bigger picture now?

It's time you become the employer of success and not the employee. That time is now. Never again should you ask the question; why is personal development important. It holds the answer to changing you entire life. Learn to develop the millionaire mindset today.

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Personal Development - What Does That Really Mean?
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