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Nature's Laws Of Success At Work

Steven Fu

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I was at my usual Friday meetings with my advance group participants. Two of my participants, husband and wife, who were also in both my advance group and personal coaching sessions, shared with me an incident that took place the previous day.

They conducted their first full-day seminar on goal setting for a group of school students. Even though the seminar went well, according to them, throughout the day they faced obstacles after obstacles that left them frustrated.

It all started in the morning; while getting ready, the wife fell and hurt herself and since it was quite bad she had to take a rest for a while. Somehow, she recovered and both husband and wife managed to be there on time to conduct the seminar. Now, the wife covers most of the beginning part of the training. Even though she was not physically fit at that moment, she still did it since her husband could do only the second part. Through great difficulty she managed to put up her best performance that even she was surprised.

As the students were getting really excited about setting their own goals and achieving them, the husband and wife team felt they had done a great job up to that moment. Just then, they were struck by another blow! The last part of the program required them to take photos of the goals set by the students which will be given back to them, later. However, the camera they were supposed to have brought along was nowhere to be found! This really dampened the mood of all the students.

After searching high and low, they still could not find it. They apologized to the class and also to a few teachers who attended the seminar to see the progress of their students. Even though everyone understood the situation and accepted their apologies, both of them felt bad because they had managed to go through almost all the obstacles until that moment, only to fall on the last one! Later, they found their camera packed separately in their other car! And that made them feel even worst; they couldn't understand how they could have overlooked such a simple and yet important matter. As the husband related the incident to me, I felt that he was truly upset. He wondered why it was happening to them.

I said that this is how it normally is when one is attempting something new, “At the surface, it is stated, Nature would first test anyone who is embarking on something new just to see how serious the person is in his or her undertakings. "

At a slightly deeper level, the first law of Newton says that an object will continue moving in the same direction unless there is an external force that acts upon it. For an example, if you roll a ball on the ground (moving in the same direction), it would eventually stop. This is due to resistance between the surface of the ball and the surface of the ground, gravity and probably even wind blowing against the rolling ball (external forces). In other words, your life was going in one direction, just like a train going at full speed ahead; but now you are starting to indulge in something new.

As such, you need to apply the brakes and slow down the train, bring it to a halt, build another track and then continue! There will be a lot of resistance when you are applying the brakes to slow down the train; the unpleasant high-pitched sound, the heat, etc.

Similarly, in this case, a lot of unpleasant things will take place in your life that stimulates feelings like anger and frustration; these moments will appear like you are slowing down and not able to continue on your new undertakings. However, please be reminded that this is just temporary; eventually, once you have successfully lay down the ‘new tracks’ you will be well on your way again! Let us look at it from an even deeper aspect.

One must always learn to reflect on oneself in a totally truthful manner. As per the Law of Cause and Effect, if something negative is happening to you at the present moment, then be aware that, it is actually the effect of a cause that you are responsible for in the past. The cause can also be on going where the effect is the current continuous negative result you are experiencing in life.

It may sound a little confusing but stay tuned with me. A simple example of cause and effect; if you are careless while crossing the road (cause), there is a high chance that you will get knocked down by a motorist (effect). Similarly, if you had thought, said or done something negative towards others before (cause), accordingly, negative events will take place in your life to balance out your previous thoughts, words and actions (effect)!

Now, let us look at a more complex example relating to an on going ‘cause’ that produces continuous negative ‘effect’. For example, you dislike or maybe even despise someone based on your personal judging. You may personally find this person having an attitude you are not comfortable with, or as arrogant, or as selfish, or due to the person’s gossiping nature, etc.

Now, think! The whole of the above paragraph is actually the cause of the equation in Law of Cause and Effect! The effect will be the obstacle that affects your happiness, health or wealth, continuously! The reason being, you have been continuously passing judgment on that person! The Law of Energy Returns Back to Source says that, What Goes Around Comes Around!

Please be reminded, Law of Opposites clearly states that ‘there is always something positive as well as something negative in everyone, everything, or any given situation’. As much as the person whom you despise possesses negative qualities in him or her, as per Law of Opposites, that person possesses the positive qualities as well in him or her. However, since you chose to see only the negatives, accordingly, it is the negative that will return to you through the cycle of Law of Energy Returns Back to Source!

Your happiness, health or wealth could be affected in similar forms; other people may describe you as selfish, causing you hurt; or you may not clinch a contract because your prospect made judgment that you are arrogant or dislikes you for no reason at all. All these can become the effect!

Looking at both husband and wife, I told them to look back honestly into their lives. They may come across thoughts, words or actions that could have contributed to the recent events in their lives. If the negative thoughts, words or actions were a one off thing and are not being repeated, then it is okay. You just have to be patient until Nature helps you to neutralize by throwing the ‘right’ obstacles at you. Ironic, isn't it? Nature throws obstacles at you to help you neutralize your negative thoughts, words and actions!

I continued, “Nature will always balance it out for you". However, what was more important was whether there were any negative thoughts, words or actions that they are indulging in now, in a continuous manner! This practice is very dangerous because the process is endless and when you are too deep in the negative cycle, you will end up sowing too much webs around you; passing judgment, denying, blaming Nature, egotism, etc. In this case, it would be almost a miracle to be able to break free of the cycle!

As I said that, my advance group participants nodded. I looked at the time, it was almost 11.00 pm. I ended my talk for the evening and congratulated both husband and wife for concluding their first full day seminar to their best, and advised that they be patient and continue with their fine efforts.

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