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Great Individuals Take Action

Steven Fu

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After my personal coaching session with two of my clients today, I immediately start to put our plan into action. Firstly, I fixed a meeting with other personal coaching participants involved in the plan.

The appointment was fixed and the meeting went well, one of the participants voiced out what he had in mind that is to work together as a team while I spoke on the importance of taking and sharing responsibility. Once everyone was clear of each other’s role, we fixed the date to have our first ‘road show’ to showcase the services that will be offered.

As we were about to leave, one of the team members made a remark that I was moving at an unimaginable speed, everything was being done within 12 days! He confessed that he was truly impressed at the pace. I smiled and replied that, if my master who passed on 13 years ago was still around, he would probably make a remark that I was too slow! My participant looked at me in disbelief, expecting an explanation.

I gave a long sigh. I explained that all these are again back to the basics; Nature, Thoughts, Words and Action. And all these cumulate to produce the desired end results. Of all the words I emphasized, the word that plays the most important role is “Action". Action alone contributes to almost 90% of the reason why a person is successful or a failure in life!

Most people belong to the category of thoughts, some the category of words and a very few rare great individuals belong to the category of action.

Most people have great thoughts to improve their lives but they just remain as that. These thoughts arise when they see their friends buy a better home, or a colleague gets a promotion with a huge pay rise, or when they hear of someone who is sending the son or daughter to a prestigious university to study with all expenses covered, or when they see their friends going for holidays, or other motivating factors.

However, these motivating thoughts usually come in a blink and take leave almost immediately. The thoughts take leave when they focus back on their current “reality", that is their current lives. Usually they go back focusing on their debts, family problems, difficulty working with the present superior, and other setbacks.

Another group of people go one step further by actually developing ideas to improve their lives, but they stop there. For an example, the person could have come up with a brilliant idea to indulge in a business that is very much related to his skills. However, he is challenged with a problem and does not know how to handle it; let's say he lacks the funds to execute his idea. This would be enough to discourage him and he would just drop the idea without even considering asking for help. There are many reasons for him to give up; maybe he has a preconceived idea that no one will help him, or maybe he does not have faith in his own abilities, or worst, maybe he is simply too lazy to work on his idea!

Those who belong to the category of words only talk about their thoughts to their friends and family members; they don't go further than talking. These types of people can also get ignorant; they would not take action on their own ideas but at the same time they would not hesitate to criticize others who actually take action to improve them selves. There are also those who willingly give all sorts of advice to those who are taking action but they themselves would never want to try them out!

Some of these people, knowingly or unknowingly, convince themselves that the knowledge (theory) of goal setting itself and also the ability to preach on it are enough to prove that they have mastered it! Sadly, this is where they are being ignorant! You may talk and talk all you want, but if there is no result to show over your preaching at the end of the day, you will simply amount to nothing! I may be bold but this is the truth!

Then, there are those rare souls who belong to the action category. They formulate an idea (thoughts), rarely speak about it but simply proceed to take action to manifest the idea in their life. It could simply be living a happy and healthy life, or it could be making a million dollars; it could be anything! But they take action, and that matters. Occasionally, they do talk about it to those who have threaded the path, for advice.

As I finished, my participant, who was also the new team member, nodded and said that he understood what I meant. Later, I reminded all of them to be well prepared and practice on their presentation before the first road show.

The Uneducated One is a financial market trader, author and a motivational speaker. He has helped companies and countless individuals achieve their goals and desires. Sign up for our FREE e-course and find out how you can now live a truly happy, healthy and wealthy life at;


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