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Having Faith In Your Own Talents

Steven Fu

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I met up with one of my participants, who is a very talented cartoonist this morning. His ability to convert written texts into cartoons with expressions is truly astonishing. Recently, one of my personal coaching program participants needed cartoons in the brochure that she is producing for her business. Immediately, this person came into my mind. So, my wife set up today’s meeting with him and the said participant.

When we met, he offered his apologies for not working on my book as he had promised. I asked him what he did other than his present work, because he seemed to be busy all the time.

He said that he was doing a diploma and also a part time job as an editor. I asked him the purpose he was doing all that. He replied that the obvious reason was to earn more to provide for his family. Then, I asked him whether he liked what he was studying and the part time job he was doing. He thought for a while and said that he was doing them to earn more money but otherwise he was not really happy with what he was doing. I smiled and asked him how much more money was he earning and what was the maximum amount possible for him to earn. Again, he thought for a while and told me that the maximum amount he could earn was 20% more than his present salary.

He had told me before that he earns about $3500 a month. That means he would make an extra $700 monthly. However, he does not have time for himself and his family as he is working almost all the time! He also complained that all these made him very tired and he hardly has the time to work on his passion that is drawing cartoons. Thus, that explains the delay in my work too.

Looking at him intently, I said to him to think and consider what I was about to tell him. He sat up and listened.

I started with a question, “Why are you doing something that you do not like to do to earn a small amount of money, when you can easily do what you love to do and earn more money?"

He just blinked at my question.

He asked me what I meant by that. I related to him about Ramesh, a graphic designer. Prior to doing what he is doing now (which includes graphic designing, desktop publishing, re-branding and other works related to creative designing), he was doing everything else but what matters most to him! He was involved in a stock broking firm, in managing a restaurant, telemarketing, and many other trades.

However, he was never really into them, as his passion was in creative designing. He wasn't happy with what he was earning either; but now things are different. He has his own company, involved in what he loves to do most that is graphic designing! At present, he is not only pursuing his passion but at the same time he earns good money. Although he has just started, his client base is growing and he is now (over the last two months) securing business from bigger clients including multinational companies.

My participant the cartoonist who was listening to all these had an awestruck look on his face as I relayed to him Ramesh's success. I asked him why he did not spend some time working on his talents and market them. He said that he did not see how his talent could earn him at least a decent income. I quickly replied that even I did not know; without trying to at least work on the talent and market it, one would never know!

Just as I finished saying that, my participant who needed his services arrived and gave the details of what she needed; she needed a few pages of simple cartoons explaining the product that she wanted to market.

After she left, I asked him how many days it would take him to do the job. He said he would probably take two to three days to finish the work. But he was not sure how much he should charge for it. I said that $500 would be fair. He was taken aback as he never thought that his work would worth so much. Then, I mentioned that Ramesh charges around $600 to $1000 to design a simple A4 size brochure. I also added that the real market outside charges much more than these rates!

I looked at him and said that it's time he starts having FAITH in his own talents. If he gets just two such jobs, he could easily earn $1000 from only a few days of work compared to the $700 he earns at the moment working part time for a whole month! I told him that if he works hard on improving and marketing his talents, he could definitely earn more than what he is earning now doing a regular job!

He gave a serious thought to what I said; he admitted that he never thought that far. I smiled and said, “Maybe you should no. . . ". He nodded and thanked me.

I advised him not to make any drastic changes by quitting his job or his part time jobs. I suggested to him to plan on marketing his talents, first. Here, I offered my services to help him to come up with a plan. He nodded and said that he would definitely think about it. I smiled and thought to myself, “Hopefully he makes a wise decision!"

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Talents! A Remarkable Untapped Phenomenon
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