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What You Need To Know About Alcohol Rehabilitation


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Alcohol rehabilitation begins with you and the choices you make about how you want to live your life. Since denial that you have an alcohol problem is such a powerful factor in substance abuse and dependence, you place yourself upon the road of recovery the moment you admit that you have a drinking problem. Once you've decided that alcohol needs to be eliminated from your life for the sake of your health, your family and your job, your alcohol rehabilitation has begun.

What now? First, keep in mind that if someone tells you that, “my way is the only way to recover from alcohol addiction, ” be very suspicious. In alcohol rehabilitation, there is no right way, and no wrong way to recover; there is only your way. An anonymous alcoholic and drug counselor once said, “I don’t care if you want to go out and bark at the moon if it keeps you sober. ” Alcohol rehabilitation is a very personal thing; it is not at all helpful for addiction therapists and support groups to have a “cookie cutter” approach to recovery. Such a practice would involve a disregard for your personal characteristics, your values and beliefs, and what sort of help you need. Instead, alcohol rehabilitation must be personalized to your needs.

When you make the choice for abstinence, here are some things for you to consider about the type of alcohol rehabilitation that would work best for you:

a) Are you comfortable in a group setting where you and other addicts can help and support each other with the aid of a professional addiction counselor who is also in recovery?

b) How do you handle trust issues? Are you willing to speak openly and truthfully about things you have done or said when you were drinking/using?

c) How severe is your addiction to alcohol? Do you have uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms when you aren’t drinking/using? As part of your alcohol rehabilitation, do you need medical detoxification services?

d) Does your family and/or peer group use alcohol and other drugs to excess? To recover, do you need to get away from others who are still drinking/using?

e) Will your family and friends support your decision to stop drinking/using?

f) Are you experiencing serious legal consequences for your drinking/using?

g) Are spiritual and religious beliefs and values important to you?

h) Deep in your heart, do you believe that alcohol rehabilitation can help you get sober and stay sober?

It’s rare to find an alcoholic who is not also addicted to at least one other drug of abuse. It is common to find an alcoholic who also has mental health issues like depression. This is yet another way that alcohol rehabilitation can help you; by addressing all your needs, your chances of recovery increase dramatically.

With the right sort of alcohol rehabilitation that works for you, you can begin today to make smart choices about how to recover from this dark period in your life.

Rahul Nag is the London, England based former problem drinker who was drinking too much but gave up and now found he has an even better time than before. He has designed a course on how others can either cut down or give up drinking alcohol without ruining their social life. To get your free 5 part course, please visit


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