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How To Get Motivated


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Whoever it was that said the famous words “Nothing ventured, nothing gained", was the smartest person in the world. These four words convey a world of truth. Say them to yourself each and every morning until they become a part of your natural thinking. This should take a whole two days. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained. " These four words are the first words that should be uttered after wondering how to get motivated.

One of the biggest changes we face in the getting of motivation is negative thought. Motivation requires positive thought. If you seriously don’t imagine success you will never start your journey to the prize at the end. If you don’t positively know you will succeed staying on track and focused to success is an uphill battle.

Perhaps there are obstacles along the way. Never think negatively about these obstacles or challenges. Think positive know that there is a way around them. Positive thoughts create an exciting energy, positive thoughts produce positive results. Banish the “what if’s” in the negative thought bin, because you have a plan to get through these obstacles, after all they are just little steps, you can jump right over these.

Look forward to facing these possible obstacles. Challenges are a good thing; they create another step in our experience ladder.

It is important for success to get motivated. To get motivated you must set goals. Simple wishes are not goals, desires or wants are not goals. A goal is a clearly defined mark of achievement. The goal becomes the motivation to continue until the task is complete.

Don’t just daydream about what it is you want to achieve. This is just a useless wish. You must visualize it to make it real, see it, and feel it. Become intimate with your desire to reach the mark. If you know what you want so well you will get it. Knowing how to get motivated is to know the goal. Know the destination and the journey becomes one along a well lit path.

State your clearly defined goal. Once you have said it, you have reason to complete it. There is nothing more embarrassing than having someone come back to you in a few weeks and ask what ever happened to that plan you said you had. Your only honest reply is “O, I didn’t know how to get motivated the incredulous look you receive in response to this is feed for motivation on its own. Nobody what’s to be known as “all talk and no action”. Give them the action and enjoy the congratulations that follow.

Write it down, commit it to memory, make it a part of you and make focusing on it your priority thoughts. Write it down so you don’t forget it. Try sticky notes around the house, on the bathroom mirror, on the fridge on the television screen. Annoy yourself so much with sticky notes your motivation becomes strong in just the want to make them stop and go away.

Don’t stop with writing down your goal. Make a plan and write it down. Mark off the steps along the way so that you can see some progress. Cut your journey up into small bite sized chunks with goals along the way to the prize. Get motivated and to get that first step crossed off straight away so that you can see your progress immediately. Knowing how to get motivated is the very first step. .

Instead of wondering how to get motivated, get inspired. Make a point of discovering success stories. Learn from the people who have succeeded, and admire their achievement. Work towards creating your own inspirational success story.

Get family and friends involved also, inspire someone else to share the journey with you. If interest people are hard to come by nearby, join support networks. Many support networks even offer experienced coaches to encourage you.

If in the unusual event that you cannot find an existing support network for your particular objective, create one of your own. It is surprisingly easy once you get the word out, and you are likely to be astounded to find that in this big world you’re not alone at all. Just maybe there is someone else just like you wishing, but not motivated enough to get started.

Knowing how to get motivated is a simple as using the knowledge you already have, the hard part is backing yourself. If you lack the self confidence to back yourself look for the inspiration you need to build on your self confidence.

Make a commitment to get focused, get motivated and get started.

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