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How To Get Motivated


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When we embark on our daily journey, we are faced with a series of events and activities that need to be accomplished on a regular basis. We clearly understand what things need to be done for our overall benefit as members of society but can find it hard to do so. When we do something, it can be an experience not worth our time and energy. However, in order to really accomplish things and to move forward in what you do, you have to have reason to do so. This is why motivation comes in.

Here are several key things that should be done to get motivated:

1) Look at your peers: When it comes to doing well, a measurement is usually taken among the people of a similar class or group. These people can be the same age or profession. No matter how you look at it, there is always some form of competition in any group of people under a common goal, such as school. If you look at who is doing well and who is getting respect, you can see what it takes to be that type of person in that field. By looking at others, you can make changes to yourself and copy things that would make you better.

2) Look at who you aren't: When you look at yourself as one whole person, you will find various strengths and weaknesses that some people around you may share alike. However, if you are really unsatisfied with who you are, it can be extra motivation to be something else. You may not want to be fat or thin anymore to such a large extent, that you do the extra work to get to a place of your liking.

3) Look at the past: A person can be placed into three groups, past, present and future. The person is never truly the same in any of these three phases of life because with time, brings change and more. You can understand this if you understand how you have changed as one. If you really hated yourself in the past, or regret making a mistake, you can find the extra strength to make yourself different from who you used to be and who you are at the moment.

4) Look at your goals: Goals are important in life because they can really sum up the life of someone because of the time and passion that person puts forth for that one particualr thing. If you want to go to a great school for art, you may have to work harder in art class and study art concepts, in your free time. Goals are important because they never really end if you don't want them to. You can keep making adjustments to a goal that can fit anyone in any stage. Goals provide a ground structure for what you want and you can balance yourself to meet the goal. Having a goal is extra motivational because it really sums up things and when your life is on the line, anything can happen.

5) To be the best: When you see how things work, people are rewarded for exceptional qualities and talents because almost everything in this world is now a measurement. People always measure things because it allows for quick comparison. However, if you have gone through many things in life, many ups and downs, you will understand what it means to be the best. Being the best is a feeling that is great because of the respect others have for you. It is sad that the world works this way but it does. If you really want to be the best and want to be better every single day, you will have a killer instinct and really learn how to bend things in your favorite. The will to be the best will be a force that is hard to overcome.

6) To improve: When life goes by, you are given choices and chances to do things that maybe others have not been given. However, if you are not one of these people, you have to work for the things you receive. This is why looking at yourself and the things that you go through can serve as motivation to be better off. Some people want to improve themselves so that they can live a better lifestyle.

Motivation is hard to find at times but when it is found, there is little that can stop you on your mission.

A thinker of many things By Jonathan T Chin


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