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Walk Tall


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Well we’re finally digging out from under our snow storms. I’m more then ready to put my snow shovel away for the season. How are things in your neck of the woods? Are you as ready for spring as I am? It shouldn’t be too long.

The other day I met a young man who had difficulty looking at me when he spoke to me. When he walked his eyes were down and his posture was slumped. When he did speak his voice was low and unsure.

Do you know anyone who carries him/herself this way? It’s hard to watch. I feel for these kids. They wouldn’t want to hear it , but they’re setting themselves up for a load of hard times. It’s tough to attract good things when you carry yourself as if someone hit you over the head with a shovel. This young man and others like him are paving a very difficult road for themselves.

Why so? Quite simply it’s because of the energy that these people send out to other people. These vibrations are weak and they tell others that a person is not sure of themselves and not confident. Negative energy attracts other negative energy. Many people go through life wondering why happiness and good things never come their way. Could it be that what they think and believe affects how they look and feel and ultimately affects how people feel and act towards them? Feeling good and projecting good can begin with a few simple steps. Begin by believing that you’re o. k Remember it doesn’t matter what anyone else might tell you. It matters what you think.

Remind yourself of the things that you’ve done to support the fact that you’re o. k. They don’t have to be big things. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Little things make big differences. Allow yourself to feel the feeling of “you’re o. k. ”. It’s a nice feeling. Surround yourself with it for a while. Remind yourself to smile when you are out and about. A smile is inviting and sends out a great energy. It welcomes people to you. Remember to look at people when you talk to them and walk straight and proud. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel when you carry yourself in a strong, confident fashion and smile.

All of these are very simple things to do. Even though simple, they make a world changing difference when practiced regularly. Let your good energy come out.

To your best,
Fred Nicklaus
Confident Kids Coach

Fred Nicklaus has been involved in martial arts training for 30 years. His topics typically include health, fitness and self-improvement. His web sites are:


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