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Obstacles, Is Nature's Way Of Teaching Lessons in Life

Steven Fu

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One of my participants who had been reading my articles regularly sent me an email, recently. He said that based on what he read in the articles, he wished he could live my life: he finds them undeniably interesting. I smiled as I read his email. I sincerely hope that my articles are not giving impressions that life is always smooth sailing, and there would be no problems or obstacles in life if one applies all the Seven Basic Laws of Nature in his or her daily life!

Obstacles will still be there as usual, but the difference is when you are practicing the laws, you would be more calm “KNOWING" that whatever the obstacle is, Nature's only purpose is to teach you lessons of life. Although the educated mind or the intellectual mind would try its best to prove other wise, those who have faith in Nature's Laws, would watch the antics of their mind getting amused. They would then brush it aside and continue learning the lessons of life, no matter how difficult it may be.

Let me share an example. Many years back, I was at an orphanage sharing some knowledge and insights on how the mind works. As I was sharing these with some children, I was aware that I was getting a little egoistic because I managed to gather a few children aged seven to ten to actually sit down and listen to what I had to say. It was a great feat as their warden at the orphanage told me that it was almost impossible to keep the kids to sit at one place. As I was having this “high" ego feeling, suddenly, one of the kids aged eight, walked up to me, and using his index finger gestured to me to bend down to his height because he wanted to tell me something.

I understood his gesture and bent down closer to him. He looked at me in the eye and said, “You think you know everything?"! Without saying anything else, he took his toy plane and started running around and the other kids followed him! I felt like I was hit by a two-ton truck! I just sat there lost in thought. At first, there were waves of anger wanting to scold the kid. My intellect was rationalizing fiercely that, “You are here spending your own time teaching these kids the wonders of the mind for free, and thus they SHOULD appreciate what you are doing for them!"

However, suddenly, there was a great roar from my spiritual heart that simply said, “Face it man! You were egoistic! Not only were you teaching them about the mind but also how to be egoistic using your vibrations. The kid was merely telling the TRUTH!" This one great roar from the heart silenced all the waves of anger of the mind. I smiled to myself and watched the kids play. Then, spontaneously, I too joined them and the best thing was, as though they did not even remember what just took place, they just accepted me in. Later, I did end up sharing with them about the mind and Nature's Laws in a more enjoyable and relaxed manner.

Through Nature's obstacle, the kids refusing to learn, I actually learned some of life's greatest lessons: humility, learning to laugh, and that the process of learning is easier when it is in a fun manner especially with children.

The above is an example where the obstacle actually taught me some of the greatest lessons of life.

Normally, those without goals will find that they have many problems, quantity wise. However, the quality of the problems will be low. On the other hand, those with firm goals will find the number of problems less but the quality of the problems high. Let me explain.

The truth is ordinary people without goals or who constantly change their goals (without achieving) in life, face many problems and obstacles. The reason is, their thoughts are not focused; as such, as per Law of Vibration and Attraction, they attract to them people, ideas and events which are sort of jumbled up as well. They receive confusing and many a times conflicting signals from Nature.

Let's look at an example: a person with no goal suddenly deciding to have a goal, maybe to buy a better car. He could have got this idea from a recent motivation seminar that he had attended. Through Law of Choosing, he has now decided to have a goal. This sets forth the powerful Law of Vibration and Attraction into motion. As his thought vibrations (filled with the goal) are spreading everywhere, he is attracting to him the people, ideas and events to make the goal a reality. Nature is now slowly building a foundation to help him achieve his goals. Probably, Nature may have prepared a beautiful idea for him to achieve his goal and channel it through one of his colleagues at work.

Now, while Nature is working on this, this person on the other end receives his monthly credit card statement of account. He just realized that he has a huge amount of debt to settle and also other loans, for example housing loan. This makes him sad. At the same time, a really sad song is playing on the radio. This depresses him more! If you notice, his focus now has shifted from buying a better car to his debts; that means his goal has changed!

It is like planting a mango seed and a few days later, digging it out and planting a durian seed in its place, and later changing it again with another seed. None of the seeds get a chance to grow at all because they are constantly dug out before they could even sprout out. In the end, you will find only weeds in that place that zap up all the nutrients in the soil. Eventually, no seed can be planted as the land becomes barren!

Coming back to the person who had “changed" his goal; without realizing he would now be sending negative vibrations through the Law of Vibration and Attraction! As he continues to think about his debts, he would attract to him all sorts of obstacles to ensure he has more financial problems to make sure he stays in debt! Now, he has two conflicting vibrations working for him: the positive vibration to get a new car in the beginning, but now is slowly being replaced by the new vibration that has “debts" written all over it!

What do you think the outcome will be?

Now, he goes to office feeling sad and depressed. At the office, his colleague through whom Nature has channeled the idea is waiting excitedly for him. However, his excitement turns dull when he sees his friend walking into the office looking sad and depressed.

After inquiring, he is made aware of the problems faced by his friend: plenty of debts to settle. Hearing that, he now does not feel like sharing the idea with his friend because the idea does not seem important or practical anymore!

Thus, the original positive thought vibrations sent out by the person who set the goal to buy a better car is superseded by the negative thought vibrations focusing on his financial debts. As such, the idea from Nature failed to reach him because he had unwittingly rendered the positive vibration null and void by focusing on the negative thoughts which was his debts! He was so close to realizing his goal but alas, due to his own thoughts, he did not even get to hear the idea from his friend!

However, it does not end here! The more he focuses on the negative thoughts now which are his debts; Nature would accordingly make sure that what he is thinking of will come to pass. He will now attract people, idea and events to give him more obstacles so that he would accumulate more debts. For example, he may fall ill requiring treatment by a specialist but his insurance does not cover the illness, or his car may give trouble and require expensive repairs, and other such problems.

As his problems start to pile up now, he would have completely forgotten about his original goal to buy a better car. In case someone reminds him of the original goal, he would probably lash out at the person and give him an earful!

The above example shows us the thinking patterns of ordinary people: the thoughts are rarely firm or wholeheartedly focused on one goal. They keep changing their thoughts without realizing. As such they face numerous obstacles that originally result from their own thoughts. Although they wish for good things, they normally end up thinking more negative things.

In order to console themselves, some of these people will talk philosophically that they are being tested by Nature. They say that this would eventually elevate them higher. This is a statement of ignorance. These people do not have an iota of what the real test of Nature is! The obstacles that they face are nothing compared to those with firm goals and constantly thinking and doing their best to achieve their goals.

People with ordinary thought patterns, sometimes positive and sometimes negative, attract to them similar positive and negative people, ideas and events. They alternate between positive and negative each day several times over and over again, throughout their life. They live their life not knowing the greatness of Nature, not realizing their true potential and eventually not fulfilling their very reason of existence on earth! As such, the so-called “obstacles" that they face are meaningless! They learn nothing from it and at the end of the day do nothing about it.

They continue to face the obstacles again and again; for example, financial difficulties. All they do is complain and blame everybody else from their employer, family and even the government, instead of actually taking any effort to overcome the obstacles!

On the other hand, obstacles appearing in the lives of those with their thoughts firmly fixed on their goals are different. These obstacles are truly significant in their growth.

Those with firm goals fixed in their mind are truly one of a kind. Their thoughts are always focused on their goals no matter what happens. They are aware that they would be going through obstacles from Nature before they could actually achieve their goals. For example person A; he is 22 years old, single and sets a goal for himself with a strong determination to achieve it. The goal is to have a happy family, be in good health, and have a comfortable monthly income of RM 15,000 a month.

As he is just starting out in life, he probably may not have enough experience to manage a family, enough knowledge about his own health, and of course no idea on how to handle an income of RM 15,000 a month! As such, as he focuses on the goals, Nature will build person A's skills, abilities, experience and character through its obstacles so that one day he will have the ability to manage a family, learn to keep healthy and earn the RM 15,000 a month.

He may face obstacles in terms of attachment, expectation and extremes of emotions through his current relationship with his lover, his family and relatives over issues that crop up out of nowhere; courtesy of Nature! The obstacles will help the young man, person A, to become wiser and also guide him to master the delicate skill of diplomacy.

He slowly becomes aware that differences of opinions are absolutely normal in relationships since there are at least two individuals involved, and he realizes that it is wise to find a win-win solution to handle such issues. As Nature builds his knowledge and experiences through these series of obstacles, he becomes more matured in his relationship, and eventually able to maintain happiness and harmony in the family.

Since he has set a goal to maintain a good health, Nature may throw an obstacle on him by making him sick! I know, you would probably be wondering why would Nature want to do that, since the obstacle is exactly opposite of what the goal is. However, this is where the limited mind of a human being loses to the infinite wisdom of Nature. Probably, while treating his illness, the doctors discover that he has an even more serious health problem that requires immediate attention or it could lead him to an untimely early death.

Similarly, he may face financial difficulties as he starts out on achieving his financial goals. Through this obstacle, Nature teaches him the experiences of being thrifty and wise in handling money. As such, he would be steady and level headed when he finally achieves his goal of earning RM 15,000 a month.

The above example of person A shows how Nature through its so-called obstacles help to build and mold an inexperienced person into someone who is much more matured and wiser, so that he is truly worthy of the goal that his spiritual heart wants.

I hope this article on “Obstacles" has helped to create awareness on the importance and the role of obstacles for those who are determined to achieve their goals.

The Uneducated One is a financial market trader, author and a motivational speaker. He has helped companies and countless individuals achieve their goals and desires. Find out how you can now live a truly happy, healthy and wealthy life at;


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