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Harness Your Talents To Serve Mankind

Steven Fu

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Recently, I met up with one of my participants, Kumareswaran. My wife and I were having this meeting with him to see in what other ways we could further explore his talents.

The Creator is always generous in bestowing every single human being with talents; every human being has either one or more than one special talents. Some of you may not agree with me over this; whatever I am sharing here is based on my experiences meeting numerous people through my training programs over the last fifteen years! Every person has at least one talent, some more than one. These talents could either be inborn within them when they came into this world, or merely acquired talents which they had learned along the way.

Many people are not aware of their talents because they have yet to explore them, or they simply do not take their talents seriously. Most of the time, talents are closely associated with one's hobbies. What other people cannot do or struggle to do, these people do it effortlessly. Some are easily recognizable talents, for example, singing, dancing, public speaking or sports. Other talents are difficult to identify; e. g. graphic, designing, memory management, creative thinking and of course turning mere ideas into realities.

One of my talents is discovering other people's talents. I help people to harness their talents to the fullest. These enable them to pursue what they love to do, and what comes naturally to them and at the same time earn a handsome amount of money for themselves. This is what I do in my Personal Mentoring/ Coaching sessions.

As I spoke to Kumareswaran, I became aware that he has a host of talents! Not only is he a great actor, he is also a classical dancer, a choreographer for both classical and modern dance, and also a yoga instructor! However, I discovered that his real passion was in teaching yoga, especially to students. He had spent a long time learning yoga under the tutelage of a yoga master from India. Kumareswaran has mastered some simple techniques through yoga to help students sustain better memory and help in creative thinking.

So I asked him why he wasn't using his talents to teach. This question was necessary as currently he is doing insurance and a few other odd jobs every now and then to supplement his income. He said that he did not know where to start, and how to start especially with regards to marketing.

I smiled and offered him my help, which he gladly accepted. Actually, while talking to him, many ideas were already forming in my mind to promote his talents. Immediately I fixed an appointment to meet the graphic designer Ramesh. Then I proceeded to talk about my ideas on how he can start conducting yoga classes without coming up with any capital at all!

As much as he was impressed, he was also having fear, as I was moving really fast with my ideas. It is natural to have fear and be skeptical at times like this; especially after waiting for a long time for something great to happen, and each time the hope would be dashed, and now things start to happen for real! I said to him that the most important thing is to do your very best. The worst thing that can happen is the whole thing does not work out; but at least you know you gave it your best! The more effort you put into it, the chances to succeed increases greatly.

Anyway, that is how Nature works; things start happening when you least expect it! I continued my discussions with Kumareswaran and we came up with some plans.

As Kumareswaran took leave of us, my master's wise words came into my mind. He said long ago, “It is a sin if one does not work on and use his talents; the person is particularly chosen by Nature to be endowed with particular talents. As such it is the person’s duty to harness them and use them to the fullest to serve mankind!"

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Use Your Talents, Mom!
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