Do YOU Have a Monkey In Your Closet?


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Are there times that you feel that you just can’t do something? Do you feel overwhelmed, or that you’re not smart enough? You might be plagued with the idea that things will never get any better. Does it feel like there is something inside you just waiting to rob you of the dream of pursuing your passions? Does it sound like this monkey is hiding in your closet?

Let’s look at what is really happening:
Being vague
Your old story is: “I think I’ll try to get it done. ”
The only problem is that the word “try” is giving you an out. Instead remove the word “try” and JUST DO IT.

Your old story is: “I couldn’t make it because I had more important things to do, ” or “I would have gotten that project in but the email system went down. ”
Say to yourself: “My intention is, that I am willing to . . . . ” Then JUST DO IT and stay focused.

These are just a few of the many old stories that we run into every day. A monkey in my closet has to do with this little girl in my head, who, when I am determined to accomplish something or want to move forward, she crosses her arms and has a temper tantrum saying it’s not going to happen. I have realized that when I say “My intention is, that I am willing to . . . ” she doesn’t come up. It’s been nice not having to deal with her so much. Does she stay quiet all the time? NO, but I know how to calm her down.

Do these stories ever go away? The answer is no, but when they do occur, you can just acknowledge them, shift your focus and move on. Let’s lock the monkey in the closet and throw away the key. Don’t you agree? It’s time to say, “Thank you for sharing — I am moving on, ” and then just do it.

What story keeps running around in your mind that stops you from moving forward toward your dreams and passions?

Action: Through meditation, quiet time, or whatever you do to get focused, find out what your monkeys are, write them down so that you will recognize them the next time they show up. Then, when one of those monkeys shows up, acknowledge it, shift your focus and take your next step.

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