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Charge: This English word carries an awesome secret to maximizing your potential and becoming what you were meant to be. Charge is an instruction that needs your immediate response. It is a secret to maximizing your performance and realizing your purpose and approaching your life as designed by God. It is a call to MORE. You must have had enough of mediocrity; living below your potential and above your means, and living a survival life. Enough! You are hungry for an opportunity to thrive. Let us take the word CHARGE and use it to set in motion a revolution in your life that will set you on fire. From here on, you will be untouchable. Here follows 5 ways to charge

1. Charge means Attack, Dash, Rush, Storm. It is forward leaning action. A deliberate refusal to wait for things to happen. There are three types of people on earthi. Those who watch things happen. Those who ask what happened?, and . Those who make things happen. People who Charge, make things happen. When everybody asks why they ask why not. The people who excel are those who will take the initiative and go out to get what they want

2. Charge means fill yourself. The cell phone is a crucial communication tool; unless it is charged opportunities are in danger of being missed. Just like the cell phone, we must stay charged; up-to-date with the current information relevant to what we seek. Being ever ready to grab opportunities as and when they make themselves available is a secret to success. That is what people who are lucky do. Luck is to labour under correct knowledge. Empower yourself with the information necessary for you to be what you want. The commentator was right – never dress for the job you are doing but for the job you want.

3. Charge means the Cost/Price of a product. The price you put on your product/service, determines the value people perceive about it. Cheap does not necessarily mean best. Cheap is associated with inferior quality. By the way you live/conduct yourself; you are telling us how much you are worth. You cannot say you are SOMETHING and act like a NOTHING. Practice what you claim. How much are you worth? No matter what your present circumstances are you must always live up to your true worth. Refuse to succumb to compromise. Your future is more important than your past. Live it, begin today.

4. Charge means ‘taking responsibility’. Being in charge of a department/ division/team does not mean BEING IN POWER – it means being responsible. Leadership is not power but influence and responsibility Take charge!!!! Leave the blame game. Refuse to give power to anyone over you. Take full responsibility for what happens to you. If a person can make you happy, they can make you angry. DON’T ABDICATE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

5. Charge also refers to an accusation levelled against a person. It is a declaration of a status, whether true or not. The onus rests on the charged to prove his/her innocence. Whether they committed the offence or not, once charged with a crime it affects you and you must work hard to prove or disprove the charge. What you say about yourself is a charge you lay against yourself. What type of words do you speak to and against yourself? Avoid negative words that perpetuate irrational thoughts and belies. Charge yourself with positive accusations. These five ways of charging can take you to a higher dimension than where you are. This is an instruction that needs immediate reaction. CHARGE because you are in charge.

Sipho Mnyakeni is the CEO of the Sipho Mnyakeni Inspiration and Leadership Education. Based in Bloemfontein, Sipho travels countrywide giving motivational and keynote addresses. He is the author of two books (1) Hola 7 and (2) The Winning Combination.

Contact him on / 076 313 7872.
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