Five Tips to Cross Your Borderline to Success

Jim Somchai

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As we know, success is led by the activities we do. Without actions, we just only wish for our goals to be materialized. And they will never be. However, what controls our actions is still need to be analyzed. Many people say plan controls actions. Some say discipline controls actions. Some say emotions control actions. Some even say environment control actions. Here we are going to talk about one of the most important elements that control your actions to get the result you want. It is the borderline that we all need to cross in order to be successful.

One of my hobbies is running. If I want to join the mini-marathon and want to win, what do you think I need to know before going into the competition? Of course, I will need to know the rule of the race and how fast I need to run in order to win. Suppose I know that the winner last year won with the record of 28 minutes for running 6.5 kilometers. Since I run almost every day, I run at the same distance by spending approximately 38 minutes. And I am comfortable to practice by running at 38 minutes. Although I have enough discipline to run everyday, because I enjoy it of course, do you think that I stand a chance to win this competition? Certainly not! This is one of the reasons that many do not succeed in what they plan for. They do not have the borderline to cross. And if they have set up their borderline, they gave up before they can get to something because there is pain in the process especially in the beginning.

A lot of people write down their goals. They also write down their plan. However, they do not have clear borderline in their plan. The borderline is the quantifiable results of their activities that determine the progress of your actions toward achieving your goals. The plan need sto have the numbers that can be evaluated along the process. Here are the five tips that we can employ in order to successfully cross borderline.

1. Know your borderline. You need to know what determine your progress. If you don’t know, you need to find out. This step is important before you can proceed. If your borderline is not correct, the chance that you waste your time is very high. Learn from the one who has already got the results you want is a clever way to act. Learn from books, class, or only a mere discussion.

2. Know that skill need to be developed: When you write your plan, do not expect overnight success. It takes time to mould a character that deserves the good results. Be patient to the process and understand that your time will come if you continue your journey.

3. Do not stop evaluating your action: Although you should not beat yourself down once you have not enjoyed the fast progress, you can not be complacent if your results are far below the borderline that you give to yourself during a certain period of time. Continuous evaluation id the key to the process of success.

4. Gradually increase your borderline along the way: We should not give high target at the beginning of the activities. Increase it along the way will be wiser since we will feel achievement even in the short period of time. We know that in the certain time of the plan we will achieve our main target or cross our borderline.

5. Write down your borderline and review in everyday: This will help stimulate your subconscious mind and attract what you want. Also, you will be excited along the way when you see the chance of achieving your ultimate goals is coming closer.

Everybody has his borderline to cross once he set up his goals. Five tips here will help path your way to success.

Jim Somchai
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