What Is The Meaning Of Life?


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Trust me… life, by definition is outright meaningless. Once we get to the bottom line, that’s just how it goes; if you don’t believe me, look at all the hopelessly bored people filling up all the space around you. The very question of whether life has meaning has become such a hopelessly boring cliche that oftentimes I wonder if there is a single person out there who seriously contemplates this (quite) legitimate issue: nowadays, it looks as tough most people just want to get going, make huge money money with little trouble, and comply with the institutionalized social standards, so they feel accommodated. Yet, accommodation will hardly ever be the same as genuine meaning.

Let’s face it: people only search for meaning when they lack meaning. Yet, most people who engage such quest invariably end up chasing their own tails, like a crazy rabid dog. Is there a solution out of this spiral of ever winding induction that takes you nowhere you want to be?

There is a simple reason people who look for meaning outside of their-selves are either destined to failure or foolery: it’s plainly because in and of itself, life really has no meaning… at all. Life is being alive, and that’s all there is to it. It is us, ourselves, who are the single true semiotic agents of our own life and demise, of our own triumph and tragedies. Even though we may think otherwise, we are the bottom line, when it comes to meaning. So next time you crave for meaning in life, don’t just look around for it… make it yourself! Set your destiny! Decide what you want to be! Decide what you believe in! Choose life… and get on with it. Choose substance over form, or just go with the norm… it’s up to you, and you alone.

This is a blog about magic, beauty and poetry. Actually, it’s just a blog about life. Not just any old life, but a life worth living, a life less ordinary. This blog is a reminder, for myself and for the others. Come one and all, make yourselves at home.


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The Meaning of Life
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