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Do ever think that a higher power is controlling your life? That no matter what you do it’s going to turn out wrong? That new job didn’t come through, you didn’t get the loan you wanted; that new business deal you were working on fell through? Everywhere you turn, you get knocked down.
Well, say hello to the knock down king. For the last three years I’ve been trying to get a job and every job I did get I was fired from and the jobs I really wanted weren’t coming through.
I’m a comedian turned corporate speaker.

I thought it would be an easy transition but it has been anything but. I speak on humor therapy, a way to make your life better through humor. The speech is clean, motivating, thought provoking, and it leads people to take action right now, but it’s just not getting any response.

I’ve had to look elsewhere to find work.
I tired selling cars. I say I tried because that’s all I did. I didn’t sell any, but I tried to. I worked in a factory making cigarettes. Got fired from that job too and I’m not sure why.

I worked at Lowes Home Improvement. They laid me off because of a lack of work.
The whole time I’ve been sending out my promo to businesses and colleges and churches promoting my clean humor, music & magic show and my humor therapy speech and no one has written back.

Not one.
You’re probably thinking, “Maybe you suck. ” That’s not the case. I was a comedian for twenty-plus years, one of the top club comics in the U. S.

in the 80’s and 90’s. You don’t make it that long in this business by sucking.
I quit working clubs because I have two little children now and I want to be home with them more.

As a comic you’re on the road all the time so I had to make changes. They’re worth it.
There have been times I just lay in bed and wondered what is going on. I’ve almost given up so many times, but then I think about what two great people once said. The first was my father who said, “It’s not how many times you fall that counts. It’s how many times you get up. ”
And the second was Thomas Edison. He failed over a thousand times before he finally invented the light bulb, over a thousand. He wouldn’t quit. When he did finally invent it he said, “I didn’t fail a thousand times. I just found a thousand successful ways not to invent the light bulb. ”
These two people had the right attitude and attitude is everything. I firmly believe that if you expect failure, you’re going to get what you expect. If you wake up in the morning and the first thing you say is, “What can go wrong today?” then guess what? Something is going to go wrong. Maybe everything will go wrong. Instead, wake up and say, “This is going to be the best day of my life. ” and you will immediately notice an improvement. Attitude is everything. Start off each day with the right attitude and you will see positive changes in your life.
I’m seeing them already in mine. I’m not letting life get me down and I’m never going to quit. I’ll just get back up one more time and brush myself off and get back in the game. Your only other alternative is to just give up and I am not a quitter, how about you?

BC is a professional speaker on Humor Therapy and voice coaching. his website is


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