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An Anger Management Devotional -A Supportive Friend Helps!

Rosemary Horner

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“…they will mount up on wings like eagles” (Isaiah 40:31)

Betty and Sue were doing their daily walk. They had a regular route that gave their heart a good work out. When it was time to walk through the park they both stopped, frozen in their tracks, as they stood in front of a locked gate. Their familiar entrance to the park was blocked.

Betty had high blood pressure that was affected by too much stress. She started kicking the locked fence in frustration. She forgot her arthritic knee, she forgot about the possible rise in her pressure, and she forgot to look to the Lord to help her face this new obstacle.

Somehow kicking the fence was like kicking at her life for the last couple of weeks. Her job was changing, her body was changing and her kids were growing up too fast. Every kick she gave

that fence was a blow to what was so unfair in her life.

Finally, Sue who was watching her friend and stunned for a minute by her outburst, said quickly “Lord help me. ” As her arms grabbed her friend she heard a quiet voice that said “Hug her”. While holding her friend she knew in her heart what the fence represented.

“Don’t hurt your knee with all that kicking Betty”, she said softly. “If we just walk around we will probably get an even better workout. ” Plus, she said with a note of excitement in her voice, “that’s the way to our favorite diner. How about a cup of decaffeinated coffee on me?”

While they sat and drank the coffee Betty poured out hurts, she had deeply denied, to her friend. Sue didn’t have the answers as she gripped her hand and prayed. But she knew the one who did.

Sue had learned how to go with the flow and shared that experience with her friend by her actions that day; a true Olympian woman. She knew about flexibility.

An eagle is a magnificent bird. The wingspan of some species can go up to six feet. They have keen eyesight and an excellent sense of smell. They can fly fast and high. Who would not want to be able to soar like them? Isaiah says that we can. That we can stretch out and soar like that eagle. .

Imagine flying high above the clouds of depression, despair, frustration and bothersome people. But while we are there we can look down on those things with the new eyesight of the eagle. Its clearer now, we understand more. With this new sense of sight we foresee trouble and can recognize ominous clouds on the horizon.

And because we can fly fast we have the flexibility to maneuver in and out of narrow mountain passages. We can dodge arrows from enemies and enjoy being perched on the edge of a mountain cliff. I don’t know about you but if trusting the Lord means I can have the flexibility be fly like an eagle than trusting Him is truly a privilege.


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