Hale Dwoskin Met A Mentor Who Taught Him How To Release His Emotions In Order To Transform His Life


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While I was online looking into Hale Dwoskin’s personal story I was pleased to find that a system his former mentor Lester Levenson taught him –had been evaluated and approved by Harvard University and the experts from that prestigious institution who researched his program claim that the methods used in the techniques that Levenson devised are sound and actually work for anyone who takes the time to learn his simple do-it-yourself system. My immediate thought around that was “If Harvard stands behind the program, it has to be a sound system built around proven methods that give evidence of its success and credibility”. With that idea firmly set in my mind I went on to learn about the unique relationship that Levenson and Hale Dwoskin forged during the time they shared together. As both friends and partners introducing people to what Lester dubbed as “The Sedona Method” they went on to motivate and inspire folks from all walks of life.

Then, prior to Levenson’s death in 1994, Hale was surprised and elated to find himself the sole benefactor of the copyrights to his partners program. Lester had been a great support system to Hale over the years and to be given the honor of carrying on the torch that would lead others to a healthier, clearer state of mind and being was the greatest gift ever bestowed to Dwoskin by his friend and mentor Lester Levenson. Since that time Hale has introduced The Sedona Method to countless others who have used the system to gain control over the past and move on into a brighter future. I now understand his role in self-actualization as it is conveyed in the movie The Secret and credit Rhonda Byrne’s decision to add him to the list of teachers depicted in her movie.

For those of you who want to learn more I would suggest you google “The Sedona Method” and look for the site that takes you to the interview he gave online with the Conscious Media Network. The interview is 45 minutes long and it is full of insight that explains further Hale and Lester’s journey in the field of self-awareness and how it brought them together in the first place. It also explains some of the common sense elements involved in order to better understand how and why the program works. Lastly I want to explain that while I would normally go into much greater detail of how the system itself can be mastered I feel compelled to leave you the opportunity to explore with your own sense of wonder and determination what this program has to offer so as to better understand how the method works, and if nothing else you can go directly to Hales website in order to begin experiencing for yourself the answers to “letting go” and moving on with your life!

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