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After 30 years of laboring through the American business model, that is putting in your 40 or 50 plus hours each week and picking up that paycheck, the lights came on!! Like everyone else in our society, I was brought up to believe that after graduating from college I was supposed to start my career and put in my time, so to speak, working for some corporation. Well, the times they are a changing!

I was talking to a very close friend of over 20 years a few months back, and mentioned that I would ideally love to find something in the health/wellness/fitness arena where I would be able to coach people and have the potential to make a boatload of money again! Without giving it much thought, that was left to rest, or so I thought! Just recently, a new business project dropped in my lap, and I am totally beside myself!! It is in the health and wellness industry, I will be able to coach others to their success, and the income potential is phenomenal!

Hello to direct marketing and an even bigger hello to Xango! After years of laughing about all of those friends and associates who became involved in direct marketing over the years, some becoming very wealthy, I have chosen to dive in with both feet! WOW!! Working my own schedule, wearing whatever seems to be the most comfortable that day, enjoying incredible tax advantages, and working with the most sensational people imaginable.

I guess we were meant to wonder, being human after all, about our continuous improvement and where we are in relation to where we either want to be, or where we need to be. A huge part of our development as people, whether it relates to our personal or professional lives, should always include continuous improvement. What are we consciously doing to ensure mental, physical and spiritual growth? Are we just going through the motions every day, joining the millions of other sheep out there? Or are we taking inventory, setting goals, thinking about those things that are necessary to keep us moving ahead to a state of peace and contentment!

Stop for a second, and think about this simple issue. If I had an opportunity to focus my energy on my wealth full time, have the time to do those things that I have a passion for, and only devoted a portion of my time to my job, what would I do? Would I take a hard look at changing out of that American business model? Leave the perceived comfort of a paycheck, benefits, and the thought of knowing that my friends and family were happy with my existence! Would I make the move to financial freedom, knowing full well that I was going against the grain, so to speak, and venturing out on that limb of unconventional thinking!

Slow down, take inventory, assess the situation, and make a conscious decision to seek out continuous improvement and do all you can to ensure that you are on the road to peace and endless nights of restless sleep!!

Michael Weinstein has worked in a retail environment for over 30 years, including 8 years in investment banking and over 20 years in management. He is also a successful soccer coach and bodybuilder, possessing a knowledge of nutrition and supplementation as well as exercise physiology.




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Kaizen - Analyzing How You Spend Your Time
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