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The Truth As It Is

Steven Fu

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Earlier this morning, I took some time off from trading to attend the certificate presentation ceremony to my “Creating the Vibrant & Dynamic Individual" participants from Tropicana Golf & Country Resort.

I am truly proud of this group; they were wonderful participants with much enthusiasm for life, just as the first group from the same company. I was informed by the management of Tropicana that there have been remarkable improvements in the quality of services rendered by these employees who attended my program; the patrons of the Club are happy over it. I was happy for them, too. Now, this is how I would explain the situation as a whole; the collective positive THOUGHT forces of the employees, their WORDS and ACTIONS have produced tremendous RESULTS at their workplace.

Later, I was invited to give a speech. I gave a brief speech. I just reminded them to apply the lessons they have learned over the last one year in the program. I emphasized another matter with regards to the TRUTH; all over the world people are in search of truth. However, one forgets that to discover the truth, one has to take personal efforts and make a start with one self first. One has to start with his or her own thoughts, words and actions; truthful thoughts, words and actions are the first and foremost step in discovering one’s inner self and also the great truth about this whole Existence. By being truthful in thoughts, words and actions, one becomes more efficient, trustworthy and able to accomplish a great number of things in a relatively short period of time.

Complicated matters can be made simple by just being truthful. By being frank, albeit diplomatically, problems arising while working, could be solved faster and in a matured manner. Communications too become easier. All these would eventually lead to increase in the quality of services rendered. At the end of the day, both management and employees would benefit from the growth of the organization.

Being truthful does not mean trying to prove that you are good; it is much more than that actually. It is the ability to say that you are sorry when you realize that you have made mistakes. It is the ability to accept praise by saying thank you, in a humble and graceful manner. It is the ability to make an unpopular but necessary and proper decision for the benefit of others, even though you face opposition from the very same people you are trying to help. It is the ability to keep a high level of integrity. It is the ability to shower unconditional love at all the time. It is the ability to continue to look for the best in those you are working with, even though they have an adverse opinion on you. However, the truth is still much bigger than this. It culminates into doing the best that you can through your thoughts, words and actions in whatever matter you are engaged in, every moment of your life!

After my speech, certificates were presented and some of the graduates shared their experiences. Once the ceremony was over, I headed back to my office to continue to trade the markets. As I was on my way there, my partner called to inform that he managed to sell one of my stocks that I was holding overnight at a good price. I smiled and thanked him. The words of my wise master crossed my mind, “As long as you perform your duties truthfully through TRUTHFUL THOUGHTS, WORDS, and ACTIONS; Nature would take care of the rest!"

Memories of my wise master flooded my mind as my wife drove me to the office.

The Uneducated One is a financial market trader, author and a motivational speaker. He has helped companies and countless individuals achieve their goals and desires. Find out how you can now live a truly happy, healthy and wealthy life at;


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Why Do We Lie? And Why Do We Want to Know the Truth?
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