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Alcoholism in Teenagers - Do You Know About The 5 Most Common Signs in Alcoholic Teenagers?


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When children, mostly teenagers, begin to use alcohol and drugs they tend to hide this from their parents. As a parent it is important for you to be aware of changes in your child’s behavior and attitude because alcoholism in teenagers is a rampant disease that has long-term physical and mental health implications.

But what signs should you consider as warning signals and not just an outcome of growing-up? If you observe any of the below mentioned signs in your child, then you need to confront him/her about this habit.

* Mood Swings. Mood swings are normal for most teenagers, but if you notice extreme changes such as if he/she is happy one minute and depressed the other or fits of anger or rage, then you should be watchful.

* Falling Grades In School. Has your child’s performance worsened at school? Usually, alcoholism in teenagers changes their attitude towards school and they tend to skip classes or school altogether looking for more ‘exciting’ avenues of entertainment.

* Physical Health. If you have noticed change in appetite or if you child has suddenly developed digestive problems or if his sleeping patterns have changed then you should become cautious.

* New Group of Friends. Mostly alcoholism in teenagers changes the personality of the kids and they tend to turn away from old friends and start hanging out with older kids who are around 18 years old or above the legal driving age.

* Change in Attitude. If you find your kid is starting to show signs of a negative attitude against anti-alcohol programs and literature, or if your child has generally become dishonest and lies about things, then you need to investigate the causes of this behavior.

Some other signs of alcoholism in teenagers are missing alcoholic beverages, smoking etc. If you notice a pattern of many of these signs, then your child may be using alcohol or drugs.

Your daughter could be drinking helplessly behind your back! Parents who are concern can find out more about alcoholism in teenagers by visiting, a popular website that offers The Facts, The Ugly, The Solutions of alcohol and drug detox .


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