Think, Speak, Act And Not The Other Way

Sivaprasad Dantu

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Think and act, not the other way Think and speak or act. This thought must be constantly remembered. Think ahead instead of think backward. Think the right way.

Most of us at one time or other feel that, we could have avoided unpleasant situations and regret the wrong steps taken by us. The solution to this problem is simple but at the same time difficult because, we are carried away not by reason, but by emotions and ego many times. But we can at least make a try to better our lives.

Two things need our attention. One is what we speak and the other is what we do. If both are fault less, then we are likely to face less problems. These two things depend on us and not on others. Both of them can be taken control if we really want.

Many times, in the heat of emotion or ego, in a flash, we talk in an uncharitable way about others and fault them. This type of talking can seriously damage our social relationships, though generally we are known as good persons. It is said in India, that a pot of milk added with a drop of venom, can spoil the show and turn out to be dangerous. If our good qualities can be compared to a pot of milk, the losing of temper can be compared with mixing a drop of venom. It is our weakness to find fault with others, for our own ills. Can we avoid the damage caused to us by our own spoken words about others?? Yes with practice it is quite possible.

One way to control our mind is to constantly remind ourselves about being reasonable. Even if you have to respond to spontaneous insinuations by others during conversations, before you retort choose carefully your words and realize that if you too speak like the other person, you will lose your mental peace and happiness. Try to explain the reasons for your particular behaviour or actions or words to the other person calmly basing on reason so that the other person too understands your point of view and retract his own words. If you shout because the other person shouted makes no sense at all. Think well before you speak. If you think well and speak, you will commit no mistake. Thinking is the one thing that separates you from an animal. Remember that it is very difficult to take back a word. Don’t speak words that needed to be retracted. Such control over your mind and tongue shows your strength and not weakness.

Coming to the action part here too same reasoning must be applied. If you decide on a course of action, have reasons for it that can be justified by you. The change need to come within you. If you change, others interacting with you too try to see reason and speak and act in such a way that enhances the relationships. If this change comes at least within you, you will have a peace of mind and undisturbed sleep, since your wrong words or actions will not haunt you. So think before you speak or act. Don’t think after you speak or act. This prescription will lead to a healthy relationship with the social circles and enhance your image. One way to constantly remind our selves is to have wall hangings at home like the following ones 1. I will think and speak today
2. I will think and act today.
Better we should hang such messages in our cars too, since it will reminder of the right way of action and speaking during the day ahead. Such a simple measure will constantly help us in reminding ourselves how we should spend the day. Help yourself to live in peace, help others too to live in peace by your example.



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