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Psychic ability is simply the ability to communicate with weaves of energy that are above the ‘normal’ level of physical reality. Reading future events, past events, spiritual knowledge and channeling the ‘dead’ are symptoms of connecting to specific weaves of energy. The term ‘psychic’ has become an umbrella term to encompass many skills and abilities that are considered paranormal or metaphysical. To expand on this all of these skills can really be classed under ‘communication. ’

It makes the topic of spirituality far clearer when we understand that ‘spirituality’ is really a communication with spirit. It always has been and probably always will. The various definitions of ‘spirit’ change from religion to religion and belief to belief, but the essence is the same. It is about communication with spirit. The most accurate communication is always going to be direct communication. It is the same with any verbal communication with another person. Being there and doing the actual speaking is always going to be more accurate than second hand information. This is where psychic ability comes in.

Psychic ability is simply an expansion of our set of communication tools. Where there may have been no conduit with which to listen and speak to spirit or other energetic entities, psychic abilities help to open up these paths. Having said this, psychic ability in and of itself does not equal spiritual communication. Spiritual communication like any communication requires an intention to connect – in this case to spirit. The language and faculties of connection are then used and developed to gain fluency and understanding.

A surrendering of the ego’s desires is necessary when learning to communicate psychically to spirit. This process is supported by guides and entities that hold the path open at specific planes and dimensions. For example while some may be at least able to fathom the infinite spirit, most will have difficulty with moving fully into infinite consciousness. This is simply because the energetic pattern of the mind is too strong. The older or more experienced we are, the more crystallized these patterns become. Getting around this requires dedicated practice, subtlety and a constant will to refine and understand self-mastery.

The modern world has a habit of getting people addicted to semantics and this too is something that we must let go of. Semantics and words become useless eventually, only the true meaning that words and concepts point to hold real empowerment and understanding. This is where psychic ability provides a powerful opportunity. Psychic ability allows us to see deeply beyond words and concepts to the source. In shapes, scents, sounds and forms these weaves of energy expand and deepen, leading us through their paths and removing us through our own. The channel that is formed becomes stronger and clearer than the organic body we live in could ever be. This becomes our conduit to the spirit, our connection and our communication. It is here that we come to see spirit with our own eyes, hear spirit with our own ears and feel spirit with our own heart.

Hieu Doan

Hieu Doan is a Metaphysical Healer, Senior Guild Leader of Life Mastery Guilds and creator of ‘Meditation Mastery Activations’ and the ‘9 Laws of Empowerment. '


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Developing Your Psychic Ability: Part Two of Two
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