The Illusion of Separation

Mathew Martin

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The concept that everything is separate from everything else is erroneous. The ideas that the Creator is separate from the Creation, that mankind is separate from his Creator, that Nature is separate from mankind, that people are separate from other people, and so on, are all incorrect and illusory. All things and all life-forms come from one Divine Source and they will return to that same source, because what they are in essence IS the one Source. Ultimately, amidst levels of higher vibration, there is only one Self of Mankind, and there is only one Self of the Universe, and there is only one Self of God - and they are all the same Self, the same Source. In essence, all is one.

This may be a difficult idea to acknowledge for many people, but if they were too simply observe all life and all things around them, beyond their limiting separatist concepts, they will begin to see the underlying unity. Because there is only one Universal Mind from which all things were created, a principal must stand that all things come from one Reality.

When you observe a prism, it casts a rainbow of seven colors, but their source is the one light of the sun. This is the living symbols of Nature that reflects deeper realities, that teaches us higher truth principles. The Source is one, although it manifests in various forms. In the beginning, the Word was spoken, the Divine Logos, the First Vibration emanated forth and caused the whole Creation to unfold; however, it is still unfolding, and expanding. But we must remember that it all comes from one single Source.

From the unity came diversity, and then people perceived separation. Now they must learn to see beyond the diversity and returned to the unity. This is why you must learn to see beyond the dense, mundane level. When you look at your brother, you are not looking at another, you are looking at yourself. When he looks at you, he is looking at himself. When you help another, you're helping yourself. When you give to another, you give to yourself. When you receive from others, you're giving to others. When you come to know yourself, you come to know God. When you know God, you come to fully know yourself, for your Self is God in essence. This is realizing Divine Union. Don't endeavor to intellectualize this idea of Unity, but rather surrender into it and experience it.

The principle of “As you sow, so shall ye reap, ” otherwise known as karma, involves the flow of the energy of unity between various points. This is why when you direct energy toward another, it will return to you with full force, whether it is positive or negative. According to this principle, if you wish for something good, then you must emanate good and positive energy toward others. The only way to receive anything is by giving it away. Abundance comes not from taking it, but giving it away. And you have more than you can imagine. Simply look within yourself. Such a principal may seem to defy logic, but when you practice it, you begin to see fruition.

Believing in separation is erroneous, and it will lead you down a futile path. So first you have to believe that all is one; hold to this, surrender into it until it becomes real to you, until you experience that “The Creator and I are one. " This is Union with the Divine Source. This is the Atonement, which is At-One-ment. Separation is the way to misery and suffering. Oneness is the way of joy, love, and peace in your life. Go into yourself deeply and find God here. For you or That.

The ego thrives on the idea of separation. When you focus only on the ego or live from the point of the ego, this is how you separate yourself from God, because the idea of separation becomes part of your belief system. This belief in separation is often caused by doubt and lack of faith in a greater Reality, and quite often it is due to a blatant rejection or disbelief in this Reality. This occurs because the untamed ego believes it is the center of the universe and it separates everything away from itself. It only wants attention for itself, and that can be positive or negative. It doesn't necessarily care for others, but it may use the disguise of helping others if it benefits itself. It enjoys categorizing everything and everybody, especially if everyone is in a lower category than itself. However, there are times, due to an ongoing inferiority complex in some people, when the ego puts itself in the lowest possible category, because it feels that is all it deserves. So you have arrogant egos and humiliated egos, and variations in between. Either way, these types of individuals lives in a world of separation and limitation. This kind of separatist thinking is handed down from generation to generation, going back into antiquity.

When Spirit entered dense matter, this was the beginning of a learning and growth process, because the manifesting souls must experience the depths of lower vibration in order to spiritually unfold; therefore, in the beginning they experienced separation and limitation amidst a world of diversity. Many philosophers will say that when you experience the depths, you will appreciate the heights. Therefore, when you experience the greatest separation, even unto sheer loneliness, you will eventually appreciate spiritual oneness, especially unity with your Divine Source.

On this Path of Return, you first begin to sense a connection with all people, with Nature, and with the universe. If you were to go on a Nature walk, and just let yourself go, put yourself feel Nature, tuning into it, you will begin to feel an affinity with it, and soon you will feel oneness with it. If you were to attend a gathering of people, especially spiritually-minded people, and if you attend week after week, soon you will sense a definite bond with them, a sense of unity. You will feel joy every time you meet with them, and you will also begin to sense love for them, because they have become your family. When you learn to meditate and go within, feeling the Divine Presence herein, you are definitely tuning into this unity. From this you begin to develop a yearning toward your Divine Source, whose love sought you out from the beginning, which inspires you to love your Creator in return. In these ways you begin to leave the misconception of separation behind you as you learn to enter true Oneness of Being. One of the key realities you will discover is that love leads to unity. When you surrender through love, Oneness comes.

What began as an extraordinary physical experience, and even an enlightening emotional experience, soon becomes a genuine mystical experience. This is when you begin to realize your connection with the Divine, to experience that you are one with It. From whence you came you shall return.

The Mystical Return occurs through your Illumination and Self-realization, which are crucial initiatory steps toward Divine Union. Illumination is witnessing the door open and seeing the light pouring out from within. Self-Realization is the door opening further that leads into true freedom of being, seeing who you truly are, for here you begin to realize that “The Source and I are One. "

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