The Divinity of Flowers

Kate Carvalho

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Flowers with their beauty, grace and fragrance enchant and give joy to all. Poets and artists have long used the flower as a muse and have endlessly compared the glories of the flower with human fantasies.

Aside from it's outer aesthetic charm, the flower has a psychic link with the soul of man. The flower is the most evolved part of the plant, it is for the flower that the plant exists and vice versa. Within the flower lies the microcosmic blueprint of the whole plant. Like the heart of man that houses the soul, the flower houses the essence or the wholly divine portion of the plant.

Sri Chinmoy is an artist and poet who uses the theme of the flower extensively in his works. He uses the flower as a divine metaphor for the many experiences that the seeker encounters on their life journey. He offers us this message:

"As a flower is blessed
With fragrance and beauty,
Even so each human being is blessed
With inner purity and divinity. "

It is customary to use flowers in worship for many cultures. The fragrance of the flower symbolizes the purest form of the earth element which renders it the most suitable object for the worship of God. It is a flower that the Vedas describe as the most beautiful object in the material world - the Lotus. The lotus is also a symbol of man's evolution towards the divine as it emerges from the impure mud of material existence towards the effulgent sun of liberation.

Flowers have long been used medicinally to treat both psychological and physical disorders. The use of flowers and essences for thereapeutic use dates back to ancient civilizations and continues to be used widely in both the East and West today. In Ayurveda the flower is considered the sattvic part of the plant and it is specifically important to have contact with flowers in the early morning to imbibe the quality of sattva or goodness which will permeate the whole day.

Flowers are sensitive to human energies, flowers that are well cared for last longer and stay fresher than otherwise. Flowers seem to possess a natural intelligence. Famed psychologist Gustav Fechner offers us his insight and admiration for flowers with this statement:

"In addition to souls which run and shriek and devour, might there not be souls which bloom in stillness, exhale fragrance and satisfy their thirst with dew and the impulses with burgeoning. "

Whether a humble daisy or a redolent rose, a delicate daffodil or divine lotus - each flower has it's own unique beauty and significance which will be forever connected to the aspiring consciousness of humanity.

Kate Carvalho resides in beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand. She has a penchant for and regularly writes about cooking, reading, health, sports, music but most importantly spirituality and meditation. She has been studying the latter under the tutelage of New York based Indian spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy since the year 2000. She contributes to Sri Chinmoy Songs


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