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The Seven Spiritual Law of Success - 3 Ways You Can Change Your Destiny

Kevin J. John

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The conditioning that you have received throughout your life has a large effect on your destiny – the ultimate destination that you will reach in life. This is one of the seven spiritual laws of success, sometimes referred to as Karma. The challenge that you face is that some aspects of your past life are in conflict with the success that you want to achieve in your life. There are 3 ways you can change your destiny by working on yourself in the present…

Your past conditioning has a very powerful influence on your beliefs, the way that you take in and process information about the outside world and the decisions that you make and the actions that you take based on that information. In this way, your past has a very strong influence on your future. You will be able to make tremendous progress in some areas because of your past conditioning, while in other areas you will struggle. This is the law of Karma.

The challenge for you is when your past conditioning prevents you from making progress towards something that you desire, the stronger your desire, the more frustrating it is when you cannot make any progress…

The 3 Ways to Overcome Your Past Conditioning

There are 3 ways to overcome your past conditioning or Karma that are consistent with the seven spiritual laws of success.

The first approach is simply to pay the price, accept your Karma and simply live with it until it has worked its way through your system and you are free of it. This is the method that we all choose unconsciously – we are all paying the price of our past conditioning. One this is certain, the universe will not let you overcome your past conditioning until you have paid the prices in some way.

When you are reaping the rewards of past conditioning that helps you towards your goals, you are going to be happy and fulfilled. However when you are waiting to pay the price to overcome an obstacle in your life, you will become frustrated. In some cases, you may simply not be able to work through your Karma in your lifetime and there will be goals that you have that are unfulfilled – rather like Citizen Kane on Orson Wells’ famous film.

Although the vast majority of people choose to simply work through their past conditioning, hoping that they will break through to the other side, there is another way. You can choose to pay some of the price in the form of a contribution.

As you find yourself paying your debt, you can ask yourself a number of different questions: “What can I learn from this?” “Why is this happening?” “What is the message coming from the universe in this experience?” “How can I use this to benefit other people?” With a little thought you can answer all three questions – for example you could use your experience to develop a technique for overcoming some part of your past conditioning which you could share with other people.

This approach is a more proactive way of dealing with your past conditioning that will speed up the process of removing the blockages from your life.

The final way you can counteract the effects of past conditioning is to wash it away rather like you would wash a stain out of a piece of cloth. The Karmic equivalent of a washing machine is the process of meditation. You can use meditation to increase your awareness of yourself and the processes going on in your mind. As you bring the elements that make up the blockages that you have in your life to the surface, you will find that you gradually diminish the hold that they have over you.

Your past controlling your destiny or Karma is one of the seven laws of spiritual success. Your past conditioning can affect the way that you perceive the world, think, and act in the present to produce your future results. You’ve learnt there are three ways that you can dissipate the effects of your past. You can become free to develop the positive habits that you want in order to build your future success.

The seven spiritual laws of success are built upon natural principles. You can build these natural principles into your life as a bedrock for your path to future prosperity and happiness. Would you like to learn more about the the seven spiritual law of success ?

Download my latest e-book here Secrets of a Millionaire Mindset . Visit my website for more resources, articles, and support materials about success and personal growth .

Kevin John has spent many years helping businesses owners, aspiring business owners, and private individuals to develop the understanding and skills needed to achieve the success that they want.

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