Goal Setting - Is It Really Necessary To Set Goals?

Jason Osborn

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Goal setting may not seem very important but ask people like Oprah, Donald Trump, and other successful people if goal setting is important. Hands down they will tell you that goal setting isn’t just important but vital. Here are 3 reasons why goal setting is necessary.

1. Helps you clarify what you are working towards.

Having generalizations for your life will only make you go around in circles. Goals will help you clarify what you are doing when thins get tough. Also, it very easy to get distracted by life and find, that you are actually headed in a completely different direction that you want to go. Goals will help you stay on track so that you can keep your efforts concentrated on your main priorities.

2. Helps you know how much progress you have made.

Without goals you never really know if you are making much progress in life. Gaols are markers that let you now how far you have come and how much further you have to go. It’s easy to think that you haven’t made any progress without setting goals.

3. They will remind you what you have to do.

Without goals it is so easy to forget what is needed to get done in order to achieve your desire. Goals will be the reminders that help you stay focused and make sure that you have done everything that is needed to reach the dreams and desires that you have in life. Plus they will help you keep your thoughts in tact so that your thoughts are all over the place wondering what else you have to do.

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