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Greg Beverly

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"It's not a miracle, we just decided to go. " -Astronaut Jim Lovell reflecting on mankind's first steps on the moon.

As the world watched in awe, Neil Armstrong became the first human being to set foot on the moon. Many thought it WAS a miracle. Many thought it so much of a miracle that it was actually impossible. They contended that the whole mission was staged and filmed somewhere here on earth. It seemed so farfetched at the time that many refused to believe it had even happened! When you think about this quote, really think about it, you'll see just how amazingly powerful it is.

One of the most incredible scientific feats ever, and it was all accomplished not because we “needed" to, or because someone else told us we should, but because, “we decided to go. " When John F. Kennedy stated, “We choose to go to the moon. And we choose to go before the end of this decade!" he knew exactly what he was saying. He did not say, “We'll work harder than we have, so we can get there. " He did not say, “We'll try to go to the moon. " He didn't even say, “We WILL choose to go to the moon. " No, he spoke in the present tense. “We CHOOSE to go to the moon. " With that, he laid down the gauntlet.

And with a goal, even a goal as big and as impossible sounding as this one was put forth, we began with one small step forward. This goal was repeated over and over and printed thousands of times over the coming years. It became ingrained in everyone involved. It became a way of life. This was their IT. This was where all there energies were directed. This is what made them bounce out of bed in the morning eager to start another day.

And of course you know the end of the story. What began as an effort, which the naysayers said was impossible, ended with a spectacular success on that July day in 1969. As Jim Lovell said, “we chose to go. " We chose a goal and a dream powerful enough to ignite an entire nation, if not the world!

That's how powerful goals and dreams can be. But all you need to do is find YOUR it. You don't need to inspire a nation or the world. You do however need to inspire yourself. If your goals and dreams are not powerful enough to make you spring out of bed every morning intent on taking another step toward fulfilling your dreams, then your dreams either aren't big enough or they aren't really yours.

You can find yours. I promise that it is within you. You simply must learn how to find it and use it.

Greg Beverly, CPA, MBA has more than 21 years experience helping others to be the best they can be. He has helped thousands achieve their goals in life. As an author, teacher, mentor and helper, he desires to see everyone reach their true potential. You can learn how to live your dreams by visiting


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