Your Why - Learn What Your Why Is And If Your Why is Big Enough?

Bonnie Holscher

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Many times I am sure you have heard the expression “You have to have a why”. What really is a why? How do you know if the why you have is big enough to get you where you want to go. There are several ways to know if you even have a “Why”. The average person goes through life and goes to work, comes home, watches some TV and goes to bed only to do the same routine the very next day. The only time this routine changes is on the weekend. Then again, a majority of people have a similar routine on weekends as well. They do the cleaning, wash the car, eat lunch and dinner, watch some TV and go to bed. Yet they wonder why they have a dull, hum drum life. It is because they have not created for themselves two things……. A Dream and A Why. And then again some will have one but not the other.

The dream or your dream is a starting point to motivate you to do something beyond the normal everyday routine. Most people need to step out of the real and set their minds and hearts on something that would make them happier if they could experience it or own it. If you had to pick a place you may want to travel, where would that be? Once you see this in you mind, it is a good idea to find a picture of this place and begin to build your time and activities there. For example, this place could be a beach in the Carribean that has a hut just steps from the water. If you are one who likes to sunbath, there would be a beach chair with a small table to put your drink and a book, if you like to read. There may also be an umbrella in case the sun gets a little to hot and bright. At night you listen to the gentle waves and enjoy a cool ocean breeze just after sunset. There may even be someone there with you to share the pleasures of a beach retreat with you.

Another motivational dream could be your dream car or even something smaller like a nice watch for a man or a Coach purse if you are a woman. Sometimes an item you wish you could own is a dream in itself. After reaching one dream item you can choose another. What color is the item you have chosen? Be specific of the make and /or model of your item. Again, it is a good idea to find a picture of this item. Look at it frequently to freshen the picture in your mind. If it is in a store, go by and look at it and take an actual picture of it for reference at later times.

The main key to achieving your dreams, whether they are places or items is your “Why” What really is your “Why”? And how do you know if your “Why” is big enough to sustain the hope of your dream?

Your “Why” is the reason you would venture out of your comfort zone in the first place. Nobody does anything without a reason. Whether the reason is a good one or a not so good one, it is a reason none the less. The reason you could have is that this particular dream would give you a sense of fullness, or accomplishment. It could bring to you a sense of peace and make you smile within. It could be a benefit you have been wanting to give to someone you care about. It could be something that would allow you to have time freedom. Time is such a precious commodity and something most dream about and not achieve. What would motivate you to get off the couch and out of the house to create a way to achieve this dream of yours. Is your “Why” big enough to move you into action? If it isn’t, what would it take for you to get a “Why” that would allow you to live a little more of life to it’s fullest?

After asking yourself, is this all there is? You can know there is so much more life out there to live that most of us are missing the boat because we do not have a “Why” let alone one big enough to move us to action. Setting goals is an action step that is learned. Nothing happens and no forward steps are taken until a goal is put into place. For more information you are invited to visit for ways to effectively set goals to build your “Why” and a more fulfilled life. You may also visit to share your successes and encourage others.


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