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After losing over 80 pounds of unwanted fat, I can provide you with some really good tips on how to lose weight. Most of the tips are mind tricks that will help you stay focused on your goal and on the road to quick weight loss.

First, my idea of quick weight loss is 3-5 pounds per week. This is what I normally achieve. I regularly achieve 3 pounds of weight loss if I do not exercise and 5 pounds of weight loss if I do exercise.

While 3-5 pounds may not seem like much weight to lose in one week, especially if you need to lose 30 pounds or more, there are ways to get your mind in tune with these numbers in a way that you can enjoy.

Weight Loss Tip #1: Set Mini Short Term Goals

You already know what your long term goal is. Your long term goal is to weight the amount of weight that you believe will make you look your best. This number is different for everyone, but if you ask a person what weight they would like to weigh, they could probably spit out the number with ease.

But focusing primarily on your long term goal is daunting because it seems so unattainable and frustrating because you move toward it so slowly. What you need to do is set small weekly goals. By focusing on where you will be in only seven days you do several things to help yourself out.

Setting a short term weight loss goal of just 3 pounds less than where you are right now definitely seems like something you can achieve. The best part is that you don't have to wait a long time to achieve it. You can be there in just seven days! This makes your goal seem very easy to attain. I believe that all of your goals should have a 50% chance of being accomplished: either you will choose to accomplish the goal or you will not choose to accomplish the goal. All of the deciding of whether or not the goal will be accomplished is left entirely up to you.

The other benefit of setting such a small and achievable goal is that you are constantly accomplishing your goals and knocking them out of your way. You know that you can achieve these little goals, so you do. Then you run for the next goal and knock it out of your way. Just two or three goals into your plan and you have already lost 6-9 pounds of unwanted weight. And hey, 6-9 pounds feels great no matter how much weight you need to lose. Your pants feel better, your shirts aren't as tight, and you can probably tighten your belt a notch.

Weight Loss Tip #2: Give Your Stomach Time to Shrink

I mean on the inside! When I don't pay attention to my weight, my appetite grows until I can eat a considerable amount more than I can if I'm on a diet. When I finally get back on a diet, I find it difficult to restrict my number of calories because my stomach wants to have so much food in order to feel full. What you have to do to fix this is two things. You need to give yourself time to adjust and you have to temporarily trick your stomach.

What I mean by giving yourself time to adjust is to realize that with some perseverance, you can shrink your stomach (appetite) and be able to considerably drop your caloric intake. Imagine your weight loss as a road. On this road, along with many other obstacles, is a big bump called “Large Appetite. " This bump only takes about 2-3 days to get over, but it's a big bump to master. Mark the end of this bump on your calendar. If it is Monday right now, mark on your calendar that you will be over your “Large Appetite" bump by Thursday. This will help with the mental aspects of conquering your large appetite.

To trick your stomach all you do is eat very filling foods that are low in calories. The best foods to eat are foods that actually burn more calories than they contain. For example, it takes your body more calories to burn the peel of an apple than the number of calories that the apple provides your body. So you actually lose calories when eating apples, yet they are very filling. Try eating two apples with a large glass of water – you won't want anything else.

I don't like to suggest taking pills, but there are two other things you can do to suppress your appetite. You can take pills that are made to suppress appetite (Google: OTC appetite suppressants), and you can exercise.

Exercise? Who wants to do that? You don't have to start out jogging a mile and doing 50 crunches and sit-ups. Start out by walking down the road today, and tomorrow walk a little further. On the fourth day, jog for at least 30 seconds, one time. The next day, jog for at least 30 seconds, two times. You'll find that your endurance gradually increases and it will start to feel really good. Endorphins get released into your blood stream and you can experience “runner's high, " a great feeling that is completely natural. Even if you don't experience runner's high, you always feel really good about deciding to do something that's good for you and actually following through. When you get home from your walk/jog, take a refreshing victory shower and think about how good you're going to feel when you've lost those three pounds.

Exercise actually decreases you appetite, even though it makes your body burn more calories.

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