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How Goal Setting Can Help You Become Enormously Successful and Happy, Too

Gregg Gillies

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The importance of goal setting is talked about all the time by successful people but the message doesn't seem to be getting through because only about 3% of people set any kinds of goals in their lives. Instead, they just let life happen to them. This is no way to live.

A solid understanding of goal setting and its power will help you to achieve everything you want - things you wouldn't achieve without goals and a plan.

You may have a great work ethic and work extremely hard at your job. However, if you go into work every day, work hard, and go home, without any kind of career plan, you may be wasting a lot of that effort. Don't just go to work every day.

Decide what you want to achieve in your career and when you want to achieve it. Put a goal setting plan into place and devise a strategy for reaching those goals.

You can't have direction without firmly set goals. By setting goals, you give yourself and your actions, your life, a purpose. Now everything you do can be measured against whether or not it moves you toward or away from your goals.

I've yet to meet anyone in life who is happy without have a purpose for their life. And I've yet to meet anyone who does have a purpose who is not a goal setter and a big advocate of goal setting.

This is a simple, but extremely important, concept to keep in mind. You can't be happy without a purpose. And you can't have purpose in life without goals. Thinking about what you want out of life and setting goals to achieve them will help you find your purpose. And finding your purpose will help you find happiness.

Goal setting puts you on a path in life. It helps you to begin your journey.

Without goal setting, you'll sleepwalk through life. Maybe you won't be miserable but you'll never be truly happy, either. And one day you'll wake up and wonder where your life went.

Setting goals allows you to constantly strive to improve yourself. It energizes you and has you looking forward to getting out of bed each day. It excites and motivates you.

Doesn't that sound a lot better than dreading the sound of the alarm clock so you can sleepwalk through another miserable day at a job you hate, just to get home and plop down on the couch to watch a few hours of television before doing it all over again?

Life is far more than food, clothing and shelter. Goal setting will allow you to strive to get the most out of your life, as well as bring it meaning and purpose. Set your goals and go after them. Take action today!

Gregg Gillies is a successful fitness coach, author and trainer. Visit, a site that specializes in helping people develop success strategies and goal setting plans .

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