Interpersonal Skill in Organization -4 Tips To Improve Fast


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Mastering interpersonal skill in organization is a critical requirement for successfully getting promoting and generally succeeding at work. Here are some key tips you can start using right away to improve interpersonal skill in organization.

1) Body Language - being able to read body language and then being aware of the signals your own body is giving to other people is probably one of the most overlooked skills working in a organization. Between 65%-90% of what you say is being interpreted through you body language as opposed what you actually say! This is a staggering statistic!

The good news is that you can apply a fair amount of common sense when reading body language once you are aware of its importance.

For example, if a person is holding eye contact with you, nodding his head and leaning forward with uncrossed arms and legs this means they are engaged with you and accept what you are saying.

On the other side if you are in a meeting and the other person who is talking is not keeping eye contact with you, is shifting in his seat, keeps touching his face or looks really uncomfortable then chances are he is lying.

The keep point is that if you can read body language and then use it effectively it can give you a serious advantage in your organization.

2) Aware of your Audience - the point here is that you need to recognize that people are different and you will need to tailor your communication for the different types of people. For example, if you are a engineer then talking using highly technical language may well be appropriate with other engineers of the same ability. At the same time if you use the same language with non-technical colleagues it is likely that they will not understand what you are saying, they will be bored and you will not get their agreement to what you want. You also need to display a fair amount of patience to make sure everyone in the room understands your position. If necessary you may need to repeat your key points.

3) Control Your Emotions - this point really couples in with the point about body language above.

You need to be able to push your emotions to the background so that you can make an objective, rationale decision. The moment emotions gets heavily involved 2 things happen. Firstly, your body starts signaling what you are thinking.

For example, if you get annoyed you may start clenching your fists, start frowning or your voice may start becoming more forceful. The other thing that happens is that your rationale judgment starts getting very clouded as the emotion takes over. This lessens your chance of making a smart decision.

4) Learn to “Defuse" - it is important to take the “high ground" as much as possible. When you get into an argument or state of high emotions it is not likely that anything productive will be agreed. First thing is to always to be polite and respectful of the other person's opinion and listen to what they are saying despite how ridiculous it may sound to you.

Always try to relieve high tension situation. If a person gets emotional then the worst thing you can do is react back. There are a couple of things you can do to “defuse" the situation. If you are in a meeting stop the conversation and allow silence for a while so people can take a break and reflect on the situation. People often under estimate the importance of silence. If this does not work then the best thing to do is re-schedule the meeting.

It is amazing how much some simple tips can help build your interpersonal skill in organization. If you are looking for some more advanced tips then please see my recommendation below. The important thing is to NEVER underestimate how important interpersonal skills are to your success both at work and home.

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