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Nona Nixon

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Aren't we all “half-dead"? Aren't we on this earth just wandering around waiting to die? I know this sounds morbid, but I find that life itself is morbid. In explaining this morbid stance in which I'm partaking here, I find that everyone is miserable upon this earth, where I know most self-help authors as well as motivational speakers would love to disagree, I say to the “self-help" people that evidently something miserable occurred within their own lives as well in which initiated their positive views.

Are they kidding themselves? Are “we" kidding ourselves? I do not think the motivated people in their plight for happiness are actually kidding themselves, nor are we unmotivated people kidding ourselves, we are in all actuality, merely existing upon this earth, with some on a higher or lower level of misery. Does this mean that we should all merely roll over and die? Of course not, however I do feel that self-help authors and others are addressing the wrong issues in their motivational books as well as speeches.

I feel the topic should not be “HOW TO BE HAPPY", it should instead be titled “HOW TO COPE WITH MISERY". Think about it, within our current era, we have an ongoing war, inflation of crimes, pedophiles stalking our children, innocent people being sent to prisons, we have terrorist's who are constantly infiltrating into our country, now with these “few" examples, please inform me how one can overcome this misery and truly be a happy person?

We need to adapt as well as accept the misery around us. Every day misery surrounds us, NOT happiness. I feel we are incapable of truly being happy, due to the situations which we have created within our own lives or the situations which society deals to us. Some of the misery is within our control, but some is not, hence why it makes absolutely no sense in my eyes to dwell on being happy, one should dwell on the misery, in order to grasp what is actually occurring around us, only then I feel that one can live an emotionally healthy life.

I want to state that I am not promoting everyone to become “miserable". I'm merely stating that most of the “happy" people are indeed kidding themselves. For true happiness is recognizing the depth within oneself, accepting the misery and dealing with it head on, therefore allowing this union of oneself with misery, an understanding of how “deep" we are, to respect our atrocities, for this is what forms our character foundations.

The next time you see that annoying person who is always “happy" make sure to take note of what I have written, it's only my opinion, but I find this reasoning to be very sane, instead of that “happy" person truly being “happy", it is my opinion they are only in denial.

"If we are out of sync with ourselves, everything is out of synch for us"

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749–1832), German poet, dramatist. The Sorrows of Young Werther, bk. I, August 22 (1774).


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