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Success, Personal Growth - Do You Know the One Thing You Can Rely On To Always Be There?

Kevin J. John

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It is good to have something to rely on, something that is always there in an ever changing world. You can be comfortable knowing that this thing will always remain the same…

What most people are afraid of is that the one thing that you can rely on is…

Change. We are constantly changing beings living in a universe that is constantly changing. You must learn to adapt to this reality and become comfortable with it.

Many people like to build their comfort zones and then stay there. Their comfort zones have clearly defined unchanging boundaries that prescribe the limits of their lives. It’s pleasant and secure to be in one of these comfort zones until…

The company goes bust, an unforeseen event happens, you wake up one day dissatisfied, wondering what’s over the wall outside your comfort zone.

On the other hand successful people openly embrace change, they welcome the personal growth opportunities it brings, they actively step outside their comfort zones, some even live outside their comfort zones.

Which are you?

Change is the universal law

You have to understand that change is the universal law that applies at all levels everywhere. The universe we live in started as a minute speck of super-concentrated matter that exploded into the universe as we know it today (the “big bang”). That universe is in constant change. Scientists have long discounted the notion that the universe is steady and unchanging.

The planet we live on was born 4 billion years ago, it has been changing every since. Life has blossomed on this planet. The records captured in rocks, which themselves are constantly forming and reforming, show that it has developed through an astounding series of changes leading to us…

Even you are not constant. Physically your body is constantly changing, old cells die, new ones are recreated. You are surrounded by billions of people living in an ever evolving network of global societies and cultures.

It’s not surprising that your mind is in constant flux. You are constantly growing and developing, new ideas are becoming embedded, old ideas are being pushed into the dim recesses of your memory banks.

Yet many people actively resist change. They are driven by fear of failure, fear of rejection and other negative emotions. Rejecting change means that they won’t be threatened by the consequences of that change, they won’t have work to integrate the changes into their minds and their lives, they will not fail in a new challenge and so on…

A very few people, the people who are successful and want personal growth, recognise that change is an inevitable feature of everything that surrounds them. They actively embrace change. If you want to share their success, you need to become comfortable with the fact that you will need to mirror the constantly changing nature of the universe that surrounds you.

When you embrace change, you see it as an opportunity to learn new skills, develop new capabilities, to grow as a person and be more successful. Change means that there will be new openings for your talents to create an impact on the world around you.

Even if you try your hardest to stay the same, you are a constantly changing being living in a constantly changing universe. You should embrace change and actively seek out opportunities to step outside your comfort zone. If you learn to adapt to constant change, the inevitable changes that will take place during your lifetime will be less of a threat. Even better, you will be come into contact with and be able to grasp many more opportunities for success and personal growth!

Would you like to learn more about success, personal growth ?

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Kevin John has spent many years helping businesses owners, aspiring business owners, and private individuals to develop the understanding and skills needed to achieve the success that they want.


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