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The great Earl Nightingale said it best when he compared a man with goals to a ship leaving the harbor. If you have a well trained crew (or even a not-so-well trained crew) on board, the boat has someone to guide it. If you give that crew a destination, a map, a GPS, and a lighthouse at the other end of their voyage, they will most likely reach it without a problem.

This is why you need to set goals. Goals are the structure that will give your life a new standard, a direction; a lighthouse at the end of the destination. Without your goals, you have no idea what your success is! How can you achieve anything when you have nothing, or know of nothing to achieve.

The vast majority of the public today meander through life with no set structure or goal. They loiter in the moments of “happiness” and assume that these choice moments are handed to them, instead of reaching out for, and grabbing a hold of these happy times for themselves.

Goals, dreams, targets, desires, or whatever you want to name them are your standard for success. They are the destination that your life will begin to grow toward. Without a worthwhile goal, you have no direction. You’re mingling with the rest of those people who set no higher standard for themselves, and accept life as it is, instead of being accountable for their own happiness and success.

Take that same ship and devoid it of crew and map. Take away the destination, and there is no lighthouse. Start the engine to the ship, and let it run it’s natural course out at sea. There is no guarantee that this ship will even last the night! It will probably end of crash-landing on some beach somewhere, stuck; incapable of moving on it’s own.

This is why you need to set goals and targets in your life. You need direction in your life. You need a clear vision to fully succeed in your endeavors, and goals are the ticket to that success. If you’re not setting goals, planning target destinations, your life can get a little hectic, and very unorganized. Don’t have unneeded stresses that can be avoided by setting a few clearly defined goals, begin setting goals today.

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