Creating Your Own Destiny By Tapping Into What Life Mission Means To You


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Life presents many distractions to steer us away from our true calling. Learn the key methods for finding out how you can get closer to pursuing your life’s mission.

Are you in charge of your own destiny?

There are two simple truths:

1. A person is either on their life mission, or

2. A person is not on their life mission

What is Life Mission?

Life mission is about finding the right livelihood. A person who is in the right livelihood loves their work and is constantly inspired to reach the next level of excellence.

"Life mission is about your whole life and not just your career, although that maybe where you begin. It is living in a manner that integrates the visual and performing arts, science, spirituality, psychology, philosophy, and technology: in a way that makes life both high art and spiritual practice. "

Daniel Goodenough

If you are engaged in your life’s mission you have unlimited vitality. Every person you come into contact with feel feels your natural high. This euphoric state doesn’t come from taking drugs. You feel elated all on your own. Work is play. You can spend endless hours working and are inspired to always do better. Your enthusiasm is contagious and everyone around you wants to know how you create wealth.

If you aren't on life mission, you will be:

1) Constantly looking at the clock and can't wait to punch out the time clock to go home.

2) You will have an illness or blockage in your body. The body sends a signal when something is out of balance. This is not to say that every person who has a terminal life threatening disease is not on life mission. If you aren't on your life mission, you may have very low energy. You may be lethargic, depressed and unhappy. The last sign that you aren't on your life’s mission is you are struggling with money.

The majority of the masses are not on their life’s mission. This is all about to change. You can make a difference. If you find your life’s mission and live life everyday, you will cause a rippling effect. Every person you come in contact with will ask themselves if they too are on their life’s mission. Being on life’s mission will impact your community in a powerful way.

How do you shift to being on Life’s Mission?

I enrolled in many life mission courses and continue to this day to work with a life mission coach. Daniel Goodenough, a life mission teacher said to us once.

"So many people are passively aggressively getting their needs met that they are not on life mission"

Daniel Goodenough

This is a very profound statement! What he means is that most people are not aware how to get their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs met. For instance, I may have a physical need to receive a full body message once a week. Or I may have an emotional need to go over funny incidents or frustrating incidents that occurred during the week with my spouse. Being listened to by our spouse is a form of emotional nourishment.

Spiritual nourishment may come from activities I do every morning like Baquazhang and hatha yoga in my garden. If a person is single and doesn't have a partner, he or she may need a weekly session with a body centered somatic therapist to address their mental, emotional, spiritual needs. Often, we overlook the value of seeing a therapist or coach to get our needs met. Instead, we passively aggressively get our needs met by telling friends our woes and disappointments. Friends don’t charge us hundreds of dollars an hour to listen to us rant. However, if you do this often enough you will find yourself constantly finding new friends because who is going to stick around and listen to your problems all day. Please don't take offense by these statements. I am not saying that you are a person that will dump on your friends. Just think about it a minute. Do you know someone in your life that does that? Chances are they have poor boundaries and didn't hire the right resource person to get their needs met. I can’t stress how important it is hire a life or peak performance coach. If you are considering making major changes in your life, a coach’s role is to help you be aware what some of the obstacles are that you are facing. They can also be your best cheerleaders especially if there is no one in your community that is giving you encouragement or support. I am sure you know the saying no man is an island. We need mutual connection to thrive.

Another statement that Daniel Goodenough mentioned in one of our life mission courses is that every second you make a choice. It's like you are walking on a trail and you come to a fork. If you go left on the road you'll end up somewhere and if you turn right you'll end up some place else. Each second in your life you are either making a decision to get closer to being on life’s mission or you are taking a step further from being on life’s mission.

First step with working with a coach is to get help identify what your needs are.

Second step with working with a coach is to get necessary funding to invest in your business. If you can't draw from your savings and you know your credit rating is below 640, you will want to visit this site: credit repair help - and consider improving your FICO score.

We need to be self disciplined to say no to distractions and say yes to being on one’s life mission. Distractions come in many forms.

If you have decided to carve out 20 hours a week to dedicate to your life mission, it is important that you don't deviate from that. It can be tempting to get a call from your best friend to take you out for a dinner and show.

Connect with your friend after you reach your 20 hours of life mission work. Going out with a friend where you laugh and celebrate can be a way to get your emotional needs met. And that will support you and give you fuel to be on your life’s mission.

Everything you think, say and do is connected. In order to be on your life's true calling, you will need to balance your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs. Here are 2 books you could start reading: Bestseller Take The Time Out For Your Life by Cheryl Richardson and Find Your Own North Star by Martha Beck. In fact Martha Beck writes a column in Oprah Winfrey’s Magazine, O. Next time you are near a bookstand, pick it up and read Martha’s column. Working with a coach can help you with your deepest desires. Look for a life coach, money coach or peak performance coach. Living your life from your deepest desires will give you the strength that will guide you closer to what your life’s work is.

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finding out what your life mission is

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5 Ways to Find Your Life's Mission
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