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Goal Setting - Using A Goal Setting Outline for Your Success

Gregg Gillies

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The importance of goal setting is talked about all the time. Everyone who teaches success, motivation, and self improvement, talks about the importance of setting goals. Sure, they may dress it up under different buzzwords, catch phrases or “secret" techniques but when you boil it down it's still goal setting.

So why do so few people set goals and how can you learn successful goal setting?

A lot of people avoid goal setting because they aren't quite sure how to go about setting goals. They don't know how to organize their goal setting. They aren't sure what to include in their list of goals or even how to go about reaching those goals once they do set them.

A great place to start is putting together a goal setting outline. If you want to get anywhere in life, you have to know where you are going. You need to set goals you want to achieve and you need to set time lines on when you want to achieve those goals.

Having a deadline for achieving your goals creates a sense of urgency which helps to motivate you to take action on those tasks that will help you achieve your goal.

If you don't set a deadline, you'll never feel a sense of urgency to reach your goal. But don't worry about a deadline when first putting together your goals. Instead, just make a list of things you want to have or achieve in life. Don't censor yourself at this point. Write down anything that you want.

Once you've brainstormed this starting list of goals, narrow down the list to goals that you want to achieve within the next year. If you have $500 and want to have a million in the bank, that's great and achievable. But it's not achievable within a year.

With your one year goals list, we don't just want a list of goals. Now we need to get a little more specific and realistic. A good idea for your goal setting outline is to use the SMART mnemonic that I've discussed in previous writings.

SMART goes like this: S stands for Specific. You goals need to be specific one's. M stands for Measurable. You need to be able to measure your goals. A stands for Attainable.

Like I mentioned above, becoming a millionaire is great. Going from $500 to a million dollars in a year might not be attainable. R stands for Realistic. You want to challenge yourself in your goal setting but you need to be realistic as well or you'll become frustrated and quit.

The T stands for Timely. You need to set deadlines on your goals. Keep the SMART formula in mind when setting your one year goals.

Once you have your goal setting outline in place, you want to put together an action plan for achieving those goals. Personally, I like to set 90 day action plans. I develop a list of what I want to achieve 90 days from now and then I work backwards by creating monthly achievements, weekly achievements, and then daily activities that I need to complete to reach my 90 day goals.

Obviously, four sets of 90 day action plans will be your one year goals.

Finally, take a few minutes each day and a half hour or so each week to review your goals and the progress you've made so far. This will keep the goals in your mind and let you see how you are doing.

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Goal Setting Guide - 3 Essential Stepping Stones To Setting Effective Goals
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